Mar 9, 2007

He would make a nice pair of slippers.


This is my kitty Jacob, after his antics last night, his days are numbered. He started around 3 AM when he decided he wanted to jump on and off the bed... then later he wanted under my covers. A little later he started up with the meowing, first because he was pestering the puppy and she was smacking him with her paw. Then he decided to "dig" in my comforter, not sure if he thought he was burying something or if he was playing. When he started meowing at the door because he thought it was breakfast time, I gave him the boot, but too little, too late.. I did not sleep worth a damn last night and I am paying for it today. This is precisely why we nicknamed him Stupid


Loretta said...

But he's very pretty :)

Lizzie said...

he IS gorgeous :)

SumnerRain said...

He is also the sweetest boy you will ever meet, a love-bug indeed... however my hours of operation are 5:30 AM (well, awake but not operating) to 11:00 PM.

Unfortunately, he will not be winning any IQ awards anytime soon... my husband fell down the steps on one occasion because the kitty decided the stairs were a great napping spot. The cat was lucky, he could have been stepped on.

Despite all that he is still one of my favorite cat's ever, especially since Austin and I picked him out together. You can read all about it HERE.