Mar 17, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!

I officially turned 28 today. It was a very nice birthday and despite a couple bad things, turned out to be a great day. My husband is a real gem and I totally appreciated him. Last night we went to a comedy concert called "Friends of Bob and Tom", and had a real blast. This morning I woke up at 10:30am to the sound of the doorbell, I called down to someone that the door was ringing, figuring Bobby was playing a video game, and the boys were watching.

When it rang again, I got dressed to see who it was. I had a note on the door from the shipping company telling me that they had hidden a box they delivered for me, it was my shoes!! :D All but one pair fit, so I will need to send them back, but I was so thrilled. The boys were nowhere to be found, and the car was gone, so I figured Bobby took the kids out for the morning so I could sleep without interruption. I thought about going to get my hair done and get a pedicure (for the new sandals of course), but my capri pants were dirty so I washed them thinking I would go after they were clean and dry. Before they had a chance to dry, the boys came back bearing gifts, and sent me back to bed so they could set up. Bobby had a cake made for me, and they each had three well thought out gifts... three cute little cat nick nacks that can hold pictures with their tails, a basket/candle holder with my favorite scent for candles (cucumber melon) and a very nice rustic birdhouse for my birdhouse collection.

I had some asparagus I wanted to cook up and some chicken that needed to be used up, so Bobby grilled the breasts on the grill and I steamed the asparagus and we had a really nice lunch together, all three boys gobbled it up; all except Matthew who asked for a napkin to hide his asparagus in. He is only two, I cannot believe he has figured out the napkin trick, but I am not surprised he has not figured out it does not work. For the rest of the afternoon I played with the kids, did some more laundry, talked to my mom and my mother in law, and basically piddle-dinked the afternoon away.

Around 6 I finally realized I needed to shower if we were ever going to get to the restaurant so I went up to get ready and noticed we had no hot water. Bobby tried to re-light it, but the pilot light would not spread to the burner. We decided just to turn off the gas and mess with it later, and boiled some water so I could take a bath. Dinner was lovely, I love Korean food but Bobby really doesn't; since it was my birthday I chose to celebrate it at San Chang, the best Korean restaurant in town. We got some really good bul go ki, teriyaki chicken and some beef ribs; the food was fantastic. After dinner we went home to watch Clerks, since I had never seen it before and Bobby wanted to see Clerks 2 (we watched that the next day, it was too late).

So despite not having hot water, I still had a really great birthday.. and 28 feels great.


Amy said...

Happy birthday!

Sindy said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day! (Miss seeing you around!)

LaDonna said...

Happy belated Birthday! *sigh* Still such a young'n.

suni said...

happy belated birthday@!!!