Mar 2, 2007

Funny baby

Today when I was changing Matthew I was shocked at how bad the diaper smelled when I unsnapped it (I use cloth) and exclaimed "Holy Cow!!" Matthew did not even skip a beat when he responded back with "mooooooo". I was totally cracking up at how literal everything is to toddlers.

It reminded me of my niece, who was maybe 18 months at the time, probably closer to 12 months. She was climbing all over me while I was singing songs to her and in a sing-song voice I sang "Kendra* is a monkey!" and she replied back "ooh ooh ohh" (the monkey noise).

Kids crack me up, total comedic relief!

*Name changed, I don't blog names of other people's children without permission.

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Anonymous said...

It reminds me of "kids say the darnest things"...that's cute