Mar 12, 2007

Do we have a deal?

Recently, we have been watching Deal or No Deal when it comes on. Christopher has a teacher who loves the show and he asked one day if he could watch it. I did not mind it at all since the language was clean, and their was no sex or violence. That was last season.

This season I was flipping through channels and Bobby happened to see Deal or No Deal and we ended up watching it because he had seen it somewhere else and he really liked it. So as a family, we all watched it and enjoyed it, except the baby.

Today I was looking for a place to play games online and I ran across this website where you can play Deal or No Deal, and to my surprise I took a deal of $88,000 since the only high case left on the board was $100,000. Good thing too, because I only had $300 in my case! Of course, this was only for fun, not for cash, but if I was a registered user I could have played for prizes like iPods, Wii's, or gift certificates.
*This is a sponsored post.

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