Mar 2, 2007

Come on guys!

Has this day not been bad enough?? I am PMSing, A.'s dad was late again, I injured my toddler (who has been WAAAAAY more precocious than usual), and I spent the better part of the afternoon trying to get a video to embed in my blog. I am tired, and crabby and I still don't know if Austin will have to cut his hair before school starts to meet dress code. I just want to curl up in my warm bed, have myself a good cry and a long nap.

On a side note, the older two boys have a sleepover this weekend, and tomorrow we are invited to go bowling with our couples friends, but the here and now remains the same... I need my husband to rub my back and hold me and I need a nap.

Mommy is crabby, she needs a time out.

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