Mar 26, 2007

Birth Certificate Woes...

We have been fighting to get Austin's new birth certificate since December, it has been one hurdle after another and the estimated wait is 5 months. This was fine until a few snafu's started to arise. When Austin got accepted into the charter school, they need his correct BC for enrollment... and then this summer, my parents wanted to take Austin and Christopher to Canada, and though passports are not required yet for automobile travel, a copy of birth certificate and a note from the parents is required. Since my name is not on the copy we have yet, we cannot both sign the note.

Anyways, I was able to get SOME answers today... after being on hold for an hour I learned that I could have a copy within a month IF I can show proof that their is an urgent need. I plan on getting in touch with the school after Spring Break to see if I can get someone to write a note stating they need his certificate for their records. I am also hoping that my mom will do the same. With that information, I should be able to move forward soon!

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