Mar 8, 2007

Austin's School

Tonight we had an orientation meeting for Austin's school, I am so in love with this school, I asked when *I* could join. It is academic/success based with requirements being much like college. You must have a 2.0 to pass, failure is not an option. The school encourages character building activities, like volunteering in the community; and the high school is college prep, with AP classes counting towards college credits. The enrollment is capped at about 300 students for middle school; Austin is looking at a graduating class of 100. I also love that it is rated 23rd in the state, so it is in the top 4% of the state.

I also love that they believe in removing distraction by wearing uniforms and having single sex classes at the middle school level. Austin is currently in a single sex classroom and his grades and test scores have never been higher with him achieving honor roll. I absolutely love that he will continue this into next year and beyond.

After the meeting we went out to IHOP for breakfast for dinner. Austin was very excited for the new school, and Christopher is rearing and ready to go too. We told him that he has two years to get his grades up, and I hope he starts working harder so he can also go. Matthew was tired from not napping today, and was a terror at dinner, I hope he sleeps well tonight because he has been SO crabby lately!

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