Feb 18, 2007

Yuck, she is one sick puppy!

Isis got sick all over floor the night before last, I was sleeping and she did not even whine, I woke up to the sounds of doggy diarrhea, oh fun! It took 15 times of running the Spot Bot to get all 5 messes clean. Yesterday she had one more accident in the house before we sequestered her to the great outdoors until this blew over so to speak. Last night she slept in our room without incident. Thank goodness that is over with!


Retta said...

poor puppy tummy :(

and poor tortured floor!

MamaLee said...


I have 2 puppies, so I understand about puppy puke. Hopefully it's gone for good!

Jersey Girl said...

Poor puppy :(

Suni said...

glad the puppy i starting to feel better and you all can rest easier!