Feb 17, 2007

Valentines Day

LilyI have never been one for Valentines Day; I think it is a made up holiday to celebrate commercialism. I usually swear off all gifts, but this year DH was moved to get me something, either spur of the moment or planned... whatever the case may be, I think it was super sweet on the part of all my boys.

I had been getting sick on the 13th, and had laid down for a nap when Bobby got home from work. The older boys needed cards for their classroom the next day so he loaded up all three boys and headed to the store. He ended up getting fixings for dinner and he got me a teddy bear (from Matthew), a rose (from Christopher), chocolates (from Austin), and a beautiful lily plant from Bobby (pictured to the left, click to enlarge) and a balloon. When I came downstairs they had already made dinner and had arranged my gifts for me.

Of course, then I felt bad about not getting anything for Bobby, but he insists it is "my day" not his. He knows I hate Valentines Day so I know he did not expect anything. I have always loved how Bobby is romantic all year long and not just one day a year, so usually for Valentines Day I ask for time together. We joke that last year we went to the gun store for V-Day, but I loved it! I love just hanging out with him, spending time with him, commercialism aside. So thank you to all my men (big and little), for making this Valentines Day special... I love you all.

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