Feb 17, 2007

Traveling on the Cheap

Bobby and I have been talking a lot recently about flying down to the most South Eastern state to spend a week with Mickey & the gang, maybe when Matthew is 2 or 3 and before we lose the boys to hormones. I came across a website today that was offering some really good rates in Orlando, like $35-55 a night within 10 miles of the park.

Honestly, I expected to spend twice that for Hotel Reservations, especially to such a big city, but then I noticed the sign:

Well then, I guess I can understand why some of the rooms are so much cheaper than going directly to the website. As can be expected, some of the rates are exactly the same as going to the hotel's website itself, but who wants to do through all that trouble searching hotel websites on by one to get the best rate.

The other nice thing about this website is that you can click on the picture of the hotel to see more pictures of various things such as the room, the amenities, the grounds, etcetera. I also liked that you could find vacation suites. For something like $20 more a night I found a "one bedroom" suite which had a bed in the main living area, a kitchenette, a bathroom, and two double beds in their own private room... a VERY nice thing to have when traveling with kids. Having a kitchenette would also have us a lot on food since we can make our own meals at least once a day to save on food costs.

The website was easy to navigate, easy to sort, with a lot of information about each property, a lot of pictures, and a clear breakdown of the nightly costs and fees with your total. I also liked how it would tell you what you were paying each night, since some hotel rates went up on the weekends, or down after the 2nd or 3rd night you were there.

Overall, I really enjoyed this website and have put it in my favorites to revisit when we get ready to take the plunge and plan our family vacation.

*This is a sponsored post.

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