Feb 23, 2007

Thank goodness it is Friday!

Getting 5 hours of sleep at night is starting to wear on me and I look forward to another four day weekend. In fact, this morning I overslept and Austin had to let baby A. & mom into the house. I do apologize for being a bad blogger, I have been so busy this week.

Christopher's diagnosis appointment is finally set for Tuesday, I am really looking forward to getting answers.

He also will be receiving speech therapy again at school, this time to help him gather and get out his thoughts. He will often start speaking, pause, start again, pause, etc. The speech therapist said what he is doing is similar to stuttering, and the treatment is much the same.

Austin got a progress report this week, and he still has mostly A's and some B's.

I also have been in contact with the Charter School I want him enrolled in, and he is #15 on the waiting list. Here is hoping that 15 kids move between now and the school year.

Matthew has some new words (and signs), like grandma (maaa-mah), and grandpa (pa-pa), and juice (deuce).

Bobby started his new semester and these classes are a bit harder than the other's. I have faith he will do fine.

Isis got her shots, and weighed 44 lbs at the vet's scale at petsmart and 39 lbs at the scale at the vet where she got her shots, so I am not sure which one is closer.

I have been up to the normal same old, same old. Later today I am going to post on my other blog about my great day yesterday, so stay tuned!

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