Feb 16, 2007

Terrible Horrible No-Good Very Bad Day!

I am ready to just go to sleep and call it a day.

I am still sick and when I am not pulling my hair out I am in the bathroom. I started taking my new blood pressure medicine and it is making me dizzy. I have the baby for 8 hours today and she is whining and crying (Bobby said it sounded like someone was trying to kill a cat in my house. I got MAYBE 3 hours of sleep last night. Matthew is into everything, he has gotten in some sort of trouble in every room of my house today. As soon as I bring him in here with me, he wakes up Crybaby who then gets pissed she was disturbed. My house is TRASHED.... after company on Wednesday, being sick yesterday and having both kids and both dogs being needier than normal and my patience being shot to hell, it's taking all my strength to keep from snapping.

Calgon, take me away!!

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