Feb 16, 2007


Anyone catch Grey's Anatomy last night? WOW! Talk about DRAMA!! You would think as addicted to that type of show I am, that I would be into Daytime Television. If I were to get into a Soap Opera, like All My Children, I love that I can go onto soaps.com and catch up on the characters, the back story, previous episodes, ask questions on the message board, and see spoilers. I am so impressed on how well written this website is, how thorough and how professional soaps.com is. All of the daily updates are well written, complete and easy to understand. They also include screen shots from the show itself so you can see what is going on. Soaps.com also has thumbnails of professional pictures of some of the actors/actresses and boy are the actors on that show YUMMY!

*This is a sponsored post.

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