Feb 16, 2007

Nap, glorious nap!

Both babies are napping... dare I sigh a breath of relief?? I am afraid if I exhale too much they will both wake up screaming.

Well, I have been somewhat productive... I put the childproof knob covers on the guest bathroom, Austin & Christopher's room, and my bedroom. I also started a load of laundry and picked up the kitchen a bit. I would like to take a picture of my lilies to share, but that is far down the list of priorities right now.

Bobby, Austin & Christopher are belt testing tonight in Taekwondo. Because of this Bobby is crazy busy at work trying to get finished by 3pm so he can come home and practice with the boys. Because of this I am trying to get all my blogging done before this evening and then try to get my house put back together. I would love to be cleaning now, but I need to vacuum and put away dishes, and both are noisy chores. I know, I know.... "excuses, excuses..." Well yes.. I am tired! LOL

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