Feb 17, 2007

Infertility Bites

It is no secret that I have suffered from secondary infertility for a number of years. Bobby and I started trying to get pregnant again when Christopher was 6 months old in July 1998. In early 1999 I started seeking help from the OB/GYNs on base at Ft Hood and kept getting little or no help. Bobby had surgery to fix his problems, but we still could not get pregnant. In 2000 we finally got a referral to a Reproductive Endocrinologist after being turned away from several doctors who could not help us. In 2002-2004, while Bobby was overseas in Korea and Iraq, I got on birth control pills to help regulate my cycles when he was gone.

I have PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This is an endocrine disorder that causes a plethora of symptoms, such as high testosterone and estrogen, weight gain, ovarian cysts, male hair growth & hair loss, heart disease, infertility, menstrual problems (irregular, infrequent or absent) and many many more problems. Right now there are several treatment options, such as insulin controlling medicines like Metformin, or Birth Control Pills to mask the symptoms. There are other surgical options or medicine therapy, but the above two are the most common.

The biggest heartbreak of infertility is how unfair it all is... my insurance will cover 100% of Viagra, birth control pills, surgical sterilization, abortion (all with a copay between $15-30), yet just for the initial consult with a Reproductive Endocrinologist I am looking at $700 out of pocket. Each visit after that would cost almost as much and I could be looking at being seen as many as 4-5 times in a single month. Also, why is it abusive parents, drug addicts and people who do not want children can pop them out right and left, where moms like me are lucky to have any at all.

In June 2004, 2 months after getting off of birth control pills, I learned I was pregnant for the second time. Matthew was born 10 months later, healthy, happy, and without complication. We started trying for #4 in August 2005 without any success. Because we just cannot afford advanced treatment from a Reproductive Endocrinologist, or even an OB/GYN we continue to just pray and hope that it will happen again.

If you are also suffering from infertility, be is primary, or secondary and in the Chicago or Naperville Illinois area, I urge you to seek treatment through a Reproductive Endocrinologist like Dr. Randy Morris at Chicago IVF. You do not have to suffer in silence, there are treatment options out there to help you achieve your dream!

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