Feb 16, 2007

Doctor Ditch, Part 7 - Finale

Well, after the suggestion of a mom in my local mothering group I chose a female doctor on the opposite end of town who she said she loved. I had an appointment for Wednesday and as usual, I arrived early to do paperwork. Turns out the paperwork was SUPER easy and fast and took me no time at all. By 15 minutes past my appointment I was in the office, and did not wait more than 5 minutes between the nurse being there and the doctor coming in. The doctor was super nice and she did not comment once about me trying to have another baby, breastfeeding still, or my weight. She did tell me that the blood pressure med I was on was NOT a good one if I were to get pregnant and gave me a different one. We did not agree when it came to the flu shot, but she only tried once to talk me into it once.

We also discussed getting back onto the insulin lowering medicine which is also good for helping with the symptoms of PCOS. I will start back on them in 2 weeks, and I will continue to monitor my blood pressure to see how my new meds work. If I do not see a change in 30 days I go back; if I do see a change I go back in 60 days.

In related news, I got a peak reading on my fertility monitor today, so I ovulated either today or yesterday. Yay!


mrscrumley said...

I was thinking about dropping my OB/GYN and then she went and moved out of the state! Problem solved for me. Or it created a new one. I can't decide which.

Retta said...

When we moved down here I didn't look for GYN at all, I could never replace the great group of doctors I had up north. Currently our family doctor is my both my primary and gyn, which is good in a way, one less phone number to remember. I need to go in this week for some unpleasantries, ugh. Hopefully this new doctor will work out and be a good fit for you in the long run. (now that I've written the longest comment ever....)