Feb 16, 2007

Cell Plans

Finding the right cell phone plans can sometimes prove difficult, there is no "one size fits all" plan that fits everyone, so it pays to shop around. Before you start comparing plans, it is helpful to get your priorities in order... will you go with a carrier with limited coverage for the right price? Or do you need a carrier with a large national coverage. How important is price? Will you pay more money for a carrier who has a reputation for better customer service? What type of plan do you need, a family plan; a single plan, but with unlimited minutes to a certain carrier or certain people? How many minutes do you really need?

It is common to comparison shop for your phone to save money, or search for certain features in a phone; but sometimes people forget to do the same with their plans. It is helpful to have a side by side comparison of different companies so you can figure out what features you need and which carrier has them and how much you will pay per month.

Remember, some plans may seem like an exceptional deal, but you may have to sign a contract. If you are o.k. with a contract; that option may save you the most money. But if you don't plan on staying with that carrier for a term of 1-2+ years, you may incur stiff penalties to break your contract. Others may need a month to month plan, or even a prepaid plan... in the short run you may pay the least for these types on plans, but remember, you will pay more in the long run per minute.

Helper websites like Wirefly can be very helpful in the search of the plan that fits you or your family. Very few wireless stores are all inclusive making all major carriers in one spot with details about the phone offered, plans offered, coverage area, and terms. To truly comparison shop, you need all the details at your finger tips.

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