Feb 26, 2007

Big News at PayPerPost

Can you guess what it is?

I would love for it to be something that would make life easier on us posties, but I am guessing it is either a new domain added to the mix, it going out of beta, or upgrades of some sort. Whatever the news is, I look forward to how it will affect all of our blogs.

I think the critics will criticize, but they always do. I think the advertisers and posties will complain, but let's be real here people, we always do... just because you cannot please everyone. I think overall there will be a buzz of excitement as there always is after a big roll out.

However, I would love to think the big news is something fun and sweet like someone at PayPerPost is getting married, or having a baby, and plan on broadcasting it live (much like Julie's wedding). But I think I am just a sentimental sap that loves all things family related, and would like to think that Ted sits in a nice roomy office being fanned by palm tree leaves while being fed grapes by scantily clad women while the other people at PPP put in 4 fun filled hours of work and take home a ton of money and no one has to work long hours, and work their fingers to the bone. However I do know how hard the people over at Pay Per Post work, which is why I try to be happy with any upcoming changes.

Now, if only I could be so productive with MY blogs!

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