Dec 26, 2007

Bless his heart

A comedian once taught me that you can get away with saying anything about anyone, as long as you follow it with "bless their heart" and it is no longer insulting.

So, my husband is a big old dork bless his heart...

I have three cats, these cats are not very patient with our dirty clothes if they have dirty litter boxes. If you leave a dirty shirt on the laundry room floor (this ONLY happens in the basement) they have been known to use the said article of clothing as their own litter box. This is why I have covered hampers.

Well the other day, DH is laying on the bed complaining that one of the cats has peed in our room. Knowing this would be a HUGE issue if they did, I set my already sensitive nose to high and start sniffing around the room. I cannot smell said offensive smell anywhere so I go smell DH's blanket, which is clean, and on a whim decide to smell DH's shirt, which did smell like cat urine. Between fits of laughter DH figured out I was telling him it was his shirt and removed it at lightening speed. He then replies, I kid you not, "no wonder I have been smelling it all day!" I took all my couth to keep from dropping to the floor and rolling around in a fit of hysteria. I can't explain HOW my darling husband was exposed to a toxic shirt, but I theorize it probably was in a basket of folded or to-be folded laundry assigned to my two oldest children and rather than taking care of it promptly they left it in the laundry room and my kitties though "hey, a new litter box! This one smells better than my own" and then the offending article was folded and placed in his drawer to later be worn and offend the wearer's senses.

So my husband is a dork, bless his heart and I am sure you will all agree.

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Dec 19, 2007

We have a baby...

It's a GIRL!!!



She was very shy and wiggly and did NOT like her picture taken, thankfully the ultrasound tech and I saw some girly parts!

She was VERY stubborn about uncrossing her legs and had to be "shaken" in order to move enough to allow a peek. We will get to see her once more in 3 weeks for the 20 week ultrasound, and in a 3D ultrasound, but I am not sure when. Thankfully the tech was super sweet and sent us home with half a dozen pictures and allowed me, hubby, and our three boys to watch on.

We finally agreed on a name, it will be Sophia Elanna (the middle name is the first or last initial of 6 very important women in my life and is pronounced Eh-lah-nuh)


...and my husband really is not helping!

He called this morning to say "what if you can't see the gender, $100 is a lot to spend on a 'what if' and chances are the baby won't cooperate". Thanks dear, this is the first time I have thought that. I keep telling myself that the receptionist said that 90% of the time the tech can see the goodies and tell you what you are having at 20 weeks and reports say that 16 week (I will be 17 on Friday) gender ultrasounds are usually just as good as 20 weeks for telling gender. Medical professionals chose to wait to 20 because the parts they care about, like the heart, stomach, kidneys, etc are easier to see at 20 weeks.

I am trying very hard to stay calm in all this while trying to pass time until 11am when I can go get Austin from school. I am thinking about heading to the library to return books and look for new ones, but it is so cold out there, I hate dragging Matthew out into it before it has a chance to warm up. I also need to go get fish food and clean up around the house, but I just can't get myself going this morning.

I had so many strange dreams last night that it seemed to me I was up half the night, most of the dreams seemed to point out that this baby is a boy, where others were of a girl, so geez I have NO CLUE what this kid could be. When I woke up this morning I was so wide awake I just got up and showered knowing I would not be able to go back to sleep. I wish I could have because now I am feeling sleepy and my moms words keep coming back to me if you go to sleep, the time will pass faster, however I have a two year old who I know will NOT enjoy me taking a nap.

What I would not give right now to have someone come over right now and keep my company while I clean my kitchen, that is what I want most of all, someone to help me pass the time.

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Dec 18, 2007

Long Story Short

I have a new ticker for finding out the gender.

My midwife could not sign the release I need for the elective ultrasound in Denver for legal reasons.

They offer elective gender ultrasounds for $1 more than Denver, with a 160 mile shorter drive and I can go in TOMORROW!

So here is the new ticker:

MySpace Countdown

Dec 17, 2007

I can't wait!!

MySpace Countdown

Dec 13, 2007

Car Rant, part 2

My check engine light just came on... again. It keeps getting better and better!

Dec 11, 2007

Car Rant

I hate my van, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! I should have taken it back the moment we got it home and it started leaving oil spots on my driveway, or sold it when the dealership could not fix the leak the first, second, third, fourth, or even FIFTH time I had it in for a visit. The perpetual overheating smell it lovely, even when you drive it two blocks to the store. I have cussed at it all winter long when I go start it at 7:00 to find it still blowing cold air at 7:15 and get home from taking Austin to school at 7:35 JUST for it to start warming up. Today takes the cake though, I get two blocks away to a stop light and it sounds like I have a pain can full of marbles in the paint mixer coming from the dash of my car. It was the most hideous sound ever to where the baby was saying "too loud mommy, too loud!" and Bobby could hear it through the cell phone when I called to bitch. I wish it was paid off, I really do, because I want nothing more just to get rid of it and get something that is not falling apart at my fingertips!

Dec 1, 2007

Freaking crap on a cracker!!

Lack of planning on your part, does not constitute an emergency on my part.

'nuff said.

Out of the Mouth of babes:

Yesterday, Matthew got a freaked out look on his face while standing on the top of the steps. He looks at me and says "biper mommy!" I say "diaper?" and he says "nooooo, biper", so I say "Swiper the fox??" and he says YES! So I listen and I hear the cat downstairs scratching in the cat box and start laughing, because on Dora the Explorer, when Swiper the Fox comes to steal from Dora, the music is kind of a scratchy sound.

Wednesday, I am at the Midwife's office with Matthew and they are doing a quick pelvic exam. Matthew keeps trying to see what is going on under the sheet while the nurse and the midwife try to get him up by my head. Matthew asks "doctor hurt mommy's vulva?" and we all start cracking up, little smarty. At the same appointment we are listening to the baby's heartbead, and Matthew start's getting disinterested and comments "Mommy laying on toilet paper?" Again I crack up because the exam table paper does sort of look like a roll of toilet paper. He then decided his own baby was hungry and lifted his shirt to nurse her.

Nov 30, 2007

Week 14 update

...Or lack thereof.

I am still sick, tired, have sore breasts, feeling quickening.

New symptom is the sharp stabbing ligament pains.

Who said the 2nd trimester is the best part of pregnancy?? I still feel like I am in the first.

This is me not complaining though, I would much rather be sick and pregnant, than normal and not. :)

1 year adoptiversary?

It was 1 year ago today that I legally adopted my sweet little boy Austin. I cannot imagine a happier occasion than making my love for my oldest son official. I joke that at 7 years in the making, he was by far my longest labor, and the most relieving 'birth-day'.

Nov 24, 2007

The big move

My two older kids are getting older, and becoming more responsible. With responsibility comes privilege, one of the privileges they have earned is to move farther from mommy and daddy and into their own space. We have a 4 bedroom home, upstairs is a master, and two tiny guest rooms, currently Austin and Christopher's room, and the nursery (Matthew's room), and downstairs we have a large room being used as an office. Since we rely more heavily on our laptops for daily use, we no longer need a large office because we only use one of the three desktops. When the baby comes we plan on putting him or her into the office until she/he is old enough to share a room with Matthew, but with the office downstairs that poses a problem. The solution was obvious, it is time for my little birds to leave the nest of the upstairs and fly down to the second largest bedroom in the house so that they may spread their wings.

Nov 22, 2007

Customer Service Raves and Craves

Customer service in the US has changed, a lot. With outsourcing and the standard of quality being lowered, the bar has dropped. Some companies fail to meet the minimum standards and leave you angry and more frustrated, where some companies continue to maintain excellent service and you hang up feeling happy and satisfied. In both occasions I often wish I had someone to share these experiences with, so they can either be warned, or share in your delight in a quality service. Finally there is an outlet that will meet a wider option than just the blogosphere, because now there is MeasuredUp.

If you were to search in the archives of this blog, you will see a rant about my satellite tv provider, because that the time I did not know websites like MeasuredUp. existed. If I had, I feel like my post may have made more of a difference. Maybe if enough people share their negative and positive experiences on MeasuredUp., it will inspire a change in all the companies who leave a lot to be desired, or encourage companies with many positive reviews to keep up the good work.

Check it out, write your own reviews, and read about the companies you use before you have to call so you know what to expect. There is nothing worse than having high expectations of a company and then being let down by a nightmare experience. Hopefully, you will have a fantastic experience and you will want to shout it from the rooftops, but whatever the case may be, share you experience and inspire some change.

*This is a sponsored post.

Nov 19, 2007

8 years ago today...

Bobby stood up in a court of law and listened as Austin's birth-mom asked that her custody be permanently severed and full physical and legal custody be given to Bobby. I totally cannot believe it's already been 8 years!!

Nov 16, 2007

To the two assholes on A. Blvd (Language Warning - Obviously)

Seriously people... it is Friday, you don't have to act like fools because the weekend is here. How many jerks can I encounter in a 10 minute drive??

To the man in the Suburban: If you plan on disregarding the STOP sign and pulling out in front of me, can you at LEAST have the decency to go the speed limit?? Going 15 under is going to do nothing but piss off the drivers you illegally pulled in front of. I understand that reading a stop sign may be too difficult, but if the speed limit sign says 35, could you please at least match up the number on your odometer that looks the same? I get that you are driving a beater, and it may not go that fast, but WHY on earth were you heading to a road with a 50 MPH speed limit?? You can't even make it up to 35! However after meeting asshole #2, I guess you are just a mini-hole.

To the MAIN asshole in the green SUV: Your kids go to the same school as mine, which means I see you 2x a day. WHY do you have to act like the world's biggest (or maybe I should say littlest?) prick? Let me educate you on something... the little yellow lane in the middle of the road is called a turn lane, to allow you to turn onto residential streets. It was NEVER intended to be a passing lane. If a truck stalls and takes up the right lane, and also takes up the middle lane, it is STILL first come first serve on who gets to go first. Since I was there first, that would be ME, not you. You do NOT have the right to zip around me just because the stick up your ass is pinching you and causing you physical pain. A nice head on collision might be a nice refresher on how to drive, but no one deserves to be injured at the hands of your road rage. The 30 seconds you saved by speeding past me is NOT WORTH THE LIVES OF YOU CHILDREN!! And VERY not worth the lives of my own children. Had I been an inpatient prick like you, you would have slammed into the back of my car and I would have sued you for everything you own, including the shirt on your back. Take a pill and calm the fuck down buddy, we ALL have to share the road.

To the police department: Sorry you are so understaffed, overworked, and underpaid, we could have really used the revenue from these assholes to balance the city budget.

It just gets better and better

Thanks to the "wonder drug" making me so sick, I have yet to have a full night's sleep. The first night I was puking, the second night I kept waking from crazy dreams (the kind you get when you are sick), and last night I was in so much pain that not even the hot bath could relax me enough to get more than a couple hours of sleep. Everything from my waist up (to include wrists and thumbs) hurt so bad that breathing is almost unbearable. Even sleeping upright did not help.

My only solace is that DH is taking our oldest to school, so I don't have to get out of my pajamas. I need whatever comfort I can get so not dragging out the two year old, scraping frost off my windshield to drive him to school is the best thing I could have asked for.

Don't get me started on the middle son though.... the boy is on my last nerve. I have been wondering how it takes my oldest two boys to get ready to school when the oldest has 1 1/2 - 2 hours to get ready for school, and the middle child has 2 hours to get ready. Yes, they have chores in the morning (make sure the dishwasher is loaded, should have been done after dinner so that is a cinch, get the clothes out of the dryer and start a new load in the wash, pick up your messes, and get yourself showered, dressed, eat breakfast, brush your hair & teeth). NOTHING that should take more than an hour. Apparently my middle son thinks it should take 45 minutes to be dressed up to his underwear. When I finally gave up trying to sleep, and got up because I was sick of hearing him yell through the house, I got up to find he had showered for 15 minutes (no biggie) and then done nothing but stand around in nothing more than his underwear for the next 30 minutes. I am not sure how I can get that boy motivated without breathing down his neck for 2 hours each morning, which just is not feasible with my lack of sleep lately.

On a better and brighter note, I am 12 weeks today! The baby is starting to look more human, and I am *supposed* to start feeling more human soon, but I will just watch and wait to see if my morning sickness gets the hint that it is time to hit the road. I am going to go out on a limb here and say either I am carrying a girl (since I have 2x as much morning sickness than I did my other two pregnancies combined) OR this is another baby boy trying to guarantee he is last baby we have (which was always the plan anyways). Either way, I will be happy, as I truly just want a healthy baby. Don't tell Matthew this, as he insists this is his "baby sister", he gets angry anytime I even suggest it could be a baby brother.

Please someone tell my 2 year old that mama REALLY needs him to take a nap today, so she can try to nap herself. This nap strike he is on is about to drive me batty!

Nov 15, 2007

What a week!

Monday I was supposed to see Sharon, my new midwife, but I kept being rescheduled because Sharon was attending a birth of a mama who was pushing for FOUR hours, wow. So instead I go see her on Monday morning. While in her office I mentioned my Doula conundrum, that I had a horrible experience last time and was undecided who I wanted to chose, if any. Well right away she told me the one I had a bad experience is one she was told by the doctor that is NOT allowed to work with his ladies, so YAY there!! Then she gave me three names of ones she loves, all were on my list and once I have been emailing for a few days and we have almost decided on her, but want to set up some interviews first. She said the one Doula was in attendance at the long delivery on Monday and she had nothing but praise for her.

We got to hear BellyBean's heart beat, which is always a wonderful experience, and I think one of the most beautiful sounds ever. Once I can find BB's heart with my own doppler I will let you know how fast it was going.

On the way back to pick up Matthew from the sitter I checked my voice mail and had one message from my old midwife's office saying I had a bladder infection and needed to pick up a prescription for it. So I got Matthew, went to pick up my friend and we got our Thanksgiving shopping done at Sam's Club, and Safeway, I picked up my prescription and then we picked up her daughter, my son, and then came back here to babysit the two little ones I watch and then I took her home. By the time I got home I was so exhausted I just made a quick dinner of nachos and took the Microbid with my dinner since the pharmacist said it can cause stomach problems. Five hours later I woke up feeling horrible and ran to the bathroom and threw up my dinner and the pill and went back to bed still feeling gross, but better. Did the same every hour for the next two hours. By 4 it increased to every 30 minutes until around 3:30 PM when it started decreasing back to hourly. I called the pharmacist and he said it was most likely the medication causing it, not an illness, though I had an unusually hard reaction. I called my new midwife, who gave me the option of Phenergan for the vomiting, or the ER for IV fluid replacement. I chose option 1 and she called in the script. Around 7 the nausea subsided and I could drink and eat crackers and at 9 I went to sleep.

Today I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a truck, every muscle in my chest and stomach ache from all the puking, and I lost 8 lbs between Tuesday and today. I imagine I will lose even more today since I still have no appetite and have not been able to eat more than some grapes and some Gatorade.

Unfortunately my kids and husband were not kind on my house yesterday and I am lacking energy to clean it, so I think it will look worse before it looks better, but I am just thankful to be out of bed.

Nov 13, 2007

Thought this was funny

Found today on Pregnancy Daily.

"If you've suffered from morning sickness, you should finally start to feel better this week or next. And you may be one of the lucky moms who forget about this part of pregnancy, or at least don't remember it clearly. This forgetfulness is vital if humans are to survive — we need to forget the uncomfortable parts so we'll do it all over again!"

Ha! Who are THEY fooling??

Nov 5, 2007

I guess I am just a snob

While in the grocery store on Saturday, we ran into Austin's little friend in 5th grade, whom I did not particularly care for (he was in trouble a lot at school). The mom asked what school Austin was going to and I replied [Name Withheld] Charter School, and she said "Oh, my son goes to [Name Withheld] Middle School. I figure, sure it has a lot of fights and drug problems, but what school doesn't?"

My jaw dropped. As a parent, is that really the selling point you want to describe your 6th graders education?? I cannot begin to say enough about Austin's school, how wonderful the teachers, administrators and support staff are.

Middle School Rating
Here is the rating that Great Schools gave the Middle School her son was in. This is the default school in the district for my neighborhood.

Charter School Rating
This is the school Austin goes to, the ONLY thing we did different is to enroll him at the end of 5th grade for the 6th grade year.

Middle School CSAP
Here are the standardized test scores for the Middle School.

Charter School CSAP
Here are the test scores for Austin's Charter School. They are a new school, so they only recently have started standardized testing.

Obviously there is more of a problem than just the occasional fight the mom mentioned. I don't understand defending a school with such a poor rating, low test scores, and obviously a hostile environment. The Charter School does not have the bullying problem other schools have because the children are ALWAYS supervised. The curriculum is more strict, and children spend less time in the halls getting from class to class than they do at the Middle School.

Which one would you chose? The middle school with drug, violence and education problems? Or the charter school with strict rules, higher standards and excellent test scores? Both are free. Can you believe these schools are only 0.3 miles apart?

Sick, Sad, and Whiny, OH MY!

With the time change, a cold and being in a bad mood this morning, Matthew and I already are butting heads. He is congested and coughing so I would not let him have a glass of milk with his bowl of cereal with milk and that turned into a 15 minute sob-fest of "Matthew SAD! No water mommy, Matthew MILK." I do not deal well with his whiny days.

I have to leave NOW to get Austin to school, but no one is ready, then I have a 45 minute prenatal appointment today Mr. Whiny Pants is going to have to accompany on. I want to cancel it, but she should have answers of my test results this morning and I really want to get a treatment plan going NOW.

Once we get back home from taking Austin to school, I think I am going to toss Matthew in a hot shower to steam his sinuses clear and then a nice snuggle in bed before we go, maybe that will put him in a happier mood.

Nov 4, 2007

All About Sleep

Hope you can stay awake through this post about sleep, I know I am in "nod off mode" but lately I seem to feel that way often.

Matthew got his big boy bed yesterday!! I found a really nice wood mission style bed last month a Babies R Us and it was $10 off, so I went for it. It had been sitting in it's box behind my front room couch for weeks just waiting for the right time. This came a few days ago when his new firefighter sheets came in the mail that I ordered on eBay, but I did not have time to put the bed together, disassemble the crib, wash the bedding, and give him the big boy talk until yesterday.

Last night was the first run and he did really good. It probably helped it was almost 3 hours past his bedtime because we were out late at a friend's house, but he immediately went to sleep. He woke up around 9 and started crying, but I think that was more of a "hey, where am I?" type moment more than anything.

I finally got a taste of the sleepies... night before last I was ready for bed at 6:30 pm, but was able to hold off until 9:00 pm where I promptly fell asleep waking just a few times and not getting out of bed until 9:00 am. Last night I was getting tired at 10:30 pm, but it did not work out that I could go to sleep early, but it is unusual for me to get tired in the evenings, I am normally wide awake until midnight and needing a nap by 9 am. I rarely napped pre-pregnancy, so I know that is all pg related, but the evening sleepiness is very new. I also seem to have my fair share of pregnancy insomnia at 4 am, so it is understandable why I am so sleepy after I get Austin off to school at 7:20 am.

Nov 1, 2007

Baby pool

Not the kind you swim in, but a baby pool so we can keep track of your guesses for gender, birthday, size, etc. Click the banner & take a guess!

Oct 31, 2007

Ten Years Ago today

My little Christopher made his appearance into this world.

He was slightly blue, and a very long cone head, and was easily the most beautiful little boy I had laid eyes on.

It's hard to believe that this darling little 5 year old has grown up into my darling little ten year old.



This picture I love, because it shows the initiative of a cleaver little pre-schooler to label the dishes for his cat.


What a cute smile he has.


And here he is today, a charming, smart, funny and compassionate 10 year old. It seems like just yesterday he took my breath away when I held him for the very first time.

I love you baby boy.

9w5d Ultrasound

I got to see my little Belly Bean today, which I have also started to refer as my little June Bug, since he or she will probably arrive in early June; all my babies seem to arrive fashionably late, and I expect this one won't surprise me.


Oct 24, 2007


Nope, not morning sickness this time. The below pictures show what happens each time we leave Isis free in the house. This time I was taking a nap and did not know she got left inside and this is what I come downstairs to. I can't even express into words how devastated I feel right now. DH is on his way home from work right now because he could hear it in my voice how upset I was.

She does this EACH and EVERY time she is alone. Be it when I am upstairs in bed, or when we are gone for 15 hours, or 15 minutes. Our solution was to keep her in the back yard with an invisible fence when we left (weather permitting) and it got turned off because she got stuck under the deck and before we could turn it back on she shredded the wires and now I will probably have to pay another couple hundred dollars I don't have to repair it.

She has done this with homework, with Bobby's $100 dress shoes (twice), with bills, with books, with toys, you name it. I am getting to the point where I am wanting to get her on an anti-anxiety medication like Prozac or Xanax for dogs. We tried crate training her, but that make her anxiety worse and she would have GI problems resulting in explosive diarrhea.


View of most of the mess.


Ongoing damage she has done to my floor rug.


Brand new yarn I was going to use to make something for the baby. Was white, now yellow with pee.


What was formerly known as my favorite shoes.


Christopher's book he was reading for school, in part.


Matthew inspecting the damage.


Matthew laughing at the kitten.

I am off to google ideas on how to deal with separation anxiety, I am tired of dealing with all the damage!

Oct 20, 2007

All eyes on us

I was craving seafood again, so we all went out to Red Lobster tonight. I guess I did not notice, but all the other tables seemed focused on my kids, especially our toddler who was abnormally well behaved at dinner. When we went to leave not only did the server gush how good our three boys are, but two other tables had to stop us on the way out to tell us how good our little boy. One of the women said "well, your girls were really good too" and I had to correct them and tell them all three children are boys, and that my older two sons just have long hair. Christopher, my middle son, pipes up and says "I am a boy, I am just growing out my hair so I can give it to kids who have none." LOL

On the drive home, I told Bobby we do have exceptionally good children, and it will be #4 who is the holy terror. He looked at me and laughed and then said to me "do you think we have good children because we got lucky? Honey, we have good kids because we are both consistent, creative, and expect our children to behave in public. We are the reason why we have such good boys, and it will be no different when the next one comes along."

I think we just have really good kids, and I am not willing to take all the credit, because I think the kids deserve credit too.

Oct 19, 2007

Home away from home.

Seems I have been living at the vet's office lately.

Sabin needed his 3rd kitten shot, rabies shot and microchipping so Wednesday before we picked up Austin from school on his early release day we went to the vet and had him updated. We had lost his records so I had to have the rescue agency fax over his records. He did well, he was pretty nervous though. I decided to make an appointment for Isis for the following day since they were having a sale on microchipping and we found that hers had traveled down to her leg on last scan.

So yesterday, Isis drags me into the office while Austin and Christopher help me with Matthew. We find that she only needs one shot, not two and that her microchip was back where is was supposed to be so that saved us $40. I just got a call back that her heartworm test was clear. My 11 month old baby girl is 91 lbs, holy cow. The vet also mentioned she could stand to gain a little weight, she's pretty active and thin, so I agree. I totally underestimated her strength and Bobby told me this is why he would not let me take the leash from him when we were at the park for the Dane reunion. I think we need to invest in some sort of special collar or leash to keep her from ripping our arms off.

Oct 15, 2007

The Babe!!




Well here s/he is! A cute little dot on the screen with a flickering heart. SO amazing. The little one is less than an inch tall, but s/he already has my heart wrapper around her/his non-existent little finger (hey, s/he has arm buds!)

I am measuring 7w4d and they changed my due date to 5/29/08, but since I probably won't deliver until June anyways, I am keeping my own 5/30/08 due date and expecting her/him somewhere before June 15th.

Oct 14, 2007

"Ditty, NO! NO! NO!"

Sabin decided he was Spider-Cat and made a trip up the dividing wall between the kitchen and the sitting room. He is about as graceful as a bull in a china store and proceeded to knock over my knick-knacks in the process of his little escapade. Matthew the whole time was yelling at him, saying "Sabin, NO!" and "Ditty!! NO! NO! NO! DOWWWWN!" The other two found it hilarious and could not stop laughing. I thought after this little stunt he would call it a night, but no; since then he has knocked over papers on my kitchen island, and knocked stuff off my microwave. Damn cat!

Oct 12, 2007


Yesterday I started spotting light pink, so I called my OBs office and they got me right in. They did an exam and said everything was ok, but to head to the ER is it gets worse (since I had no cramping). Well around 10pm I was getting ready for bed and the blood was a lot heavier and bright red. I argued with myself if it was worth going, but decided 4 hours in the ER was worth the peace of mind.... ha!

I get there at 11:30 and the ER is PACKED. I should have just come home and gone to bed and called my OB in the morning, but by this time I am starting to cramp. SIX hours later they finally call me back (after telling me I was the next one going back and calling 5 people after me). They do a ton of blood work, an ultrasound that they will not let me see, a pelvic that hurt like hell and 6 hours later send me home. So I was there for 11 hours, crazy huh? No one offered anything to eat, drink, and I could not sleep because they needed the lights all on.

When they did the ultrasound I could see part of the side of the screen, and when the measured the fetal heart tones I freaked out because I could only see flat lines. I was so worried my baby's heart was not beating yet. After what seemed like a lifetime I was able to see the radiologist's report and it said I was measuring 6w6d (I was barley 7w0d so that was perfect) they saw a fetal pole and a heart rate of 124 BPM. They also saw "minimal subchorionic low echogenic material seen that may identify minimal blood".

The OB's office called back this morning and said I have an infection that may be causing all these problems combined with implantation bleeding from the placenta. I am on bed rest until the bleeding stops and I have a follow-up appointment on Monday. Between the ER copay, 11 hours of my time, and the medication NOT being covered (one application was $92!!) this has turned into an expensive LONG day. For the most part I am pretty bored, up in bed with my laptop. DH is being pretty good, other than the fact that he is STARVING me up here. LOL

PS. Husband brought me clam chowder soup & crackers and Matthew to cuddle with so he's back to the status of best hubby ever.

Oct 10, 2007

Lay down with you mommy

Matthew was so sweet, he wanted to talk me into letting him watch Sesame Street this morning so he asked me if I would lay down and hold him on the couch. I am so sleepy lately that I almost instantly fell asleep holding him, and I guess I was shivering or something because next thing I know he is covering me with his blanket that he pulled through the bars of his crib. I went upstairs to get my own pillow and blanket and he cuddled in his blanket and together we watched Rosita and Zoe turn Maria into a chicken with Abby Cadabby's wand... or so they think! Oh Sesame Street, I love you. I love you for holding my sons interest, I love you for your characters, and I love you for your lessons.

Oct 9, 2007

Mama, Pizza House!

Matthew has discovered logos and commercialism. He rarely watches TV, but I think he will catch a moment here and there of a commercial or two when we are watching TV because as we were pulling into Taco Bell on Sunday to grad a quick bite before heading to the park he noticed a Pizza Hut sign and started yelling "Pizza House Mama!! Pizza House!!" We never eat Pizza Hut, so I am guessing he must have recognized the logo from a commercial.

He also noticed a car with a Papa John's logo on top of it today while getting Austin from school and he was all excited to see a pizza car. We watched it pull into the school, watched him deliver the goods, and then watched him leave. Matthew was all excited and even had to tell Austin that he saw a pizza car when Austin got into the car. Austin, being 11 and starting to get the teenage enthusiasm just did not share Matthew's joy... shocker there!

Oct 7, 2007

Something fruity

LOL DH just got home, with TWO cow tails and 4 bottles of juice; grape, cranberry-grape, pomagranate-blueberry, and cranberry. Anyone else see a man who does NOT want to get sent back to the store?

It's 12:15 AM, do you know where you husband is? poor guy is at 7-11 getting me juice with the description of "something fruity" and a cow tale. A cow tale by the way is a stick of caramel with a white milky creme inside, pretty gross sounding, don't ask me WHY I am craving it so bad!

Too Pooped to Party


Isis went to the Great Dane reunion for the breeder today and it was a blast!! We got to meet her brother from the same litter and he was SO sweet! We also got to meet about half a dozen puppies and about 80 other dogs for the two hours we were there. Matthew loved seeing all the dogs and playing at the park. Isis loved seeing the other dogs even though she was shy at first. Austin and Christopher had fun playing with the breeders' grandsons. I loved playing with all the other dogs and it was a battle between common sense and my heart strings. Danes are amazing dogs! Thankfully the rain did not come out, neither did the sun, but I still managed to get sunburned.

Oct 5, 2007

Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

Not sure why, but when I woke up I had this song stuck in my head and have not been able to get it out at all today, so I am going to spread it to you guys like a disease, we can all have it in our heads today.

I have always loved this song, and it always makes me cry, though I am not sure why. The first child had his hair turn white, the second child had birthmarks... but I have never understood how the children with the physical ailments felt the child who's parents made him attend a radical religious sect where the "shook and lurched all over the church floor" had it worse off, but hey! It's artistic, right?

Anyways, just wanted to share with you the song & thoughts in my hormonal little head.

Oct 4, 2007

I think I am going to puke!

Housework sucks so bad right now, because guess what? Dishes stink, laundry stinks, garbage stinks, vacuuming makes me cough and coughing makes me want to puke and my energy level is consistently somewhere in the negative levels.

However I thank my lucky stars for this pregnancy daily, don't get me wrong.... but why does something so wonderful like a baby come with all these lovely side effects?? One would think morning sickness and fatigue are "natural birth control" for future children, except for the lovely mom-nesia in which you forget ALL the bad the moment you hold the baby and think to yourself "I could totally do this again, I LOVE being pregnant" WTH!?! Talk about mixed messages body!!

I wonder if I can talk Bobby into hiring a housekeeper for me a few times a week? LOL Hell, it's half tempting to beg my friend to come clean my house for $10 an hour one day a week while I take a nap.

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Oct 2, 2007


I had my first ultrasound yesterday, it was VERY early so I knew we would not see much. We saw the yolk sac and the gestational sac and I knew they would want to do a repeat scan because in all honestly they should have NEVER done one before 7 weeks and expect to see anything. This afternoon while I was napping the RN called to ask if I could come in next week, I asked if we can wait until the week after next when I will be 7w3d and she agreed, so in less than two weeks I will get to see my little one again!

Sep 30, 2007

Meet Sabin


Last week I saw a maine coon kitty on Pet Finder that I fell in love with. I could not find out the status of that particular kitty, but the person who answered the phone did say that he had some maine coon kittens that would be adoptable on Saturday (yesterday). It took one look for me to fall in love with this little sweetie. He was SO shy the first time I held him that I worried he would not be a good match for our family since we already have two adult cats and two large-breed dogs.

IMG_2803a Two hours after he got here he finally started coming out of his shell and was still pretty shy with us, he was pretty playful with toys.

IMG_2800a Today he is a new kitty, he loves to be held, and very cuddly and sweet. He will still run when you walk towards him, but he's opening up. I trimmed his nails, cleaned his ears, and gave him a bath today and he did very well, he's pretty trusting. He still does not like the other animals, and the cats don't like him, but the dogs are quite curious and Isis got a face full of cat claw this morning as a warning she was in his space. He's not quite litter box trained yet, he has had one accident, but he's also used his box when we took him to it.

Sep 28, 2007

Ultrasound #1 scheduled

For those of you who are familiar with blood serum hCG quantitative tests (sometimes called Beta's) you may find this little lesson boring, so you may want to skip ahead. hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone produced by an embryo soon after implantation into the uterus. When it leaks into urine, you can then get a positive home pregnancy test. hCG prevents the corpus luteum from disintegrating, since the corpus luteum is what produces progesterone, the hormone that sustains the pregnancy. Early hCG testing in pregnancy can be useful in guessing the viability of the fetus by watching how fast hCG levels multiply, the average being every 48 hours.

On 12 days past ovulation my first hCG levels were 65.

On 17 days past ovulation my second hCG levels were around 550. (I was so excited I did not catch the actual level)

On Monday I will have my first ultrasound to see if they can see a heartbeat yet, I will be 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I think the chances of seeing more than a gestational sac and a yolk sac are pretty slim. I am about 95% sure we will not see a heartbeat at all.

Sep 21, 2007

I told the boys today

Their reaction was so funny!

I could not hold out any longer, the conversation had me rolling and I realized you really cannot keep a secret from kids.

Me: "Austin, have you realized that mommy's been really tired and sick lately?"
Austin: "Yes"
Me: "Well, would you like to know why?"
Austin: "Because your pregnant?"
Me: "How did you know that?"
Austin: "I found the test and it said you were".
Me: "Wow. So how do you feel about it?"
Austin: "Ehh, I'm used to it by now".

LOL The little stinker, no wonder he has been offering to watch Matthew for me lately. I would mention in the car am tired and he would say "Why don't you go take a nap and Matthew and I will play quietly together downstairs?" He's known since Tuesday, the day after we found out and has not mentioned he knew! LOL

Christopher's reaction was any funnier.

Me: "Christopher, have you realized that mommy's been really tired and sick lately?"
Christopher: "Yes"
Me: "Well, it's because Mommy is pregnant again".
Christopher: "Are you joking? Are you really going to have a baby? Are you just teasing me??"
Me: "No, I am serious, I am really pregnant".
Christopher: "I am so happy!! Congratulations! I am so excited!!"

He then rubs my belly and starts asking questions about if I know the gender and how big the baby is and when it will be here and wanted to know when the baby was due and all those sorts of questions. He then went on to say he was nervous, he has never had FOUR brothers before... LOL I told him first of all, unless their are two boys in there he will have THREE brothers, and there is always the chance it is a girl and he would have two brothers and a sister.

My friend Julia was over visiting at the time and we were just cracking up. Christopher is so sweet and so innocent, where Austin is so loving, yet so nonchalant, but so loving, cuddly and considerate at the same time. It was a great day and I really enjoyed visiting with my friend. We are going to go see Across the Universe tomorrow so we can go see a movie that I know is going to make me cry without fear of teasing from Bobby who really does not have an interest in the movie.

Post 4 from TTC section

EDD: 5/30/08

I can't believe how thirsty I am, and then I guzzle water by the gallon all day long and when I try to pee, I barely go at all. I think I am going to call my primary care doc on Monday and see if she can test me for a UTI and order me another beta test since my OBs office STILL did not have the results of my first beta blood test I had drawn on Wednesday morning. The nurse did tell me my blood test was positive, after doubting I was pregnant when their ultra non-sensitive test came back negative.

I am undecided what I want to do about my OBs office. One one hand I am grateful they impregnated me. I am also wanting to use a midwife and they have the only midwives covered by my insurance.... BUT they don't take me seriously, they don't believe in early monitoring and it's hard to get someone on the phone. I miss my old OB, I would love to use him again, but new insurance means new doctors and hospitals.

Sep 18, 2007



What a sweetie, my husband had these delivered to me this afternoon. I was teasing him last night because I was in IMs with a friend and asked her what she thought the chances were that he bought me flowers (I am thinking $4.99 grocery store flowers), and she said "None, he is a man". I teased him a little bit and that was that.

Well this afternoon my door bell rang. I almost did not answer it because I thought it was a solicitor, but I did and saw the prettiest flowers. For a moment I thought it was from a friend, but the card proved otherwise.


It said "Congratulations to the new mommy. Love, your husband Bobby.

Apparently he said he tried to order them yesterday, but they were closed, so he did it bright and early in this morning. I knew he sounded funny when I called him at 11:00 am! :)

Sep 17, 2007

Post 3 from TTC section

(Written 9/17/07)

Cycle Dates: 8/15/07 - EDD: 5/30/08

Yup! I peed two lines!!

(Click to Enlarge)

I will get a blood test on 9/19 and then have my first official appointment in 4-6 weeks.

Guess I can delete my cycle ticker down below and use this one instead:

pregnancy week by week
Baby Gender Predictor
Baby Gender Predictor

We are feeling so over the moon excited right now, I can't wait to see the heartbeat of my little Bellybean.

I guess I am not crazy afterall!

VERY VERY Exciting news

We are going to be a family of SIX soon! Check out my Trying to Conceive page posts called "Post X from TTC section" (X meaning #1-#4) for more details.

Sep 16, 2007

Post 2 from TTC section

Cycle Dates: 8/15/07 - ???

Well, here it is, 3 days later, and still nothing new. I should find out this week what my progesterone levels are, but I am 100% sure I did indeed ovulate on the 7th. I am 9 days after ovulation today, and yesterday had a nice little dip in my chart some could call an "implantation dip" and other's would call an estrogen surge.

Symptom Checker:

Nausea - 5 days now
Smell Aversion - 4 days now
Bloating - Started Today
Constipated - 2 days now
Cramping - Yesterday
Fatigue - 2 days now
Moody - Started today
I also noticed yesterday and today my gums are swollen and sore.

So, all can be chalked up to PMS, my overactive imagination, or an illness. I am not saying if I feel pregnant or not because honestly I don't know. I do know time seems to be going so slow. It is so hard to wait to test, but these below percentages explain why I am trying my hardest to wait. These are the percentages of when the average woman will get a positive pregnancy test.

* 35% at 10dpo
* 51% at 11dpo
* 62% at 12dpo
* 68% at 13dpo
* 74% at 14dpo
* 80% at 15dpo
* 88% at 16dpo
* 92% at 17dpo

And the insert says "In clinical testing, FIRST RESPONSE® detected the hormone levels in 69% of women 4 days before their expected period, in 83% of women 3 days before their expected period, in 93% of women 2 days before their expected period, and in 93% of women 1 day before their expected period."

So, if I tested tomorrow, I would have a 35% chance of testing positive by one statistic or 69% by another statistic; both seem pretty low if you ask me.

I hate this waiting it's crazy hard waiting this long if you ask me.

Anyways, I normally spot 1-2 days before I start my period, which is due on Saturday, so if I have not spotted by Friday that will be a good sign, but hopefully I will have some answers before then. :)

Sep 14, 2007

Had to Cry Today

The song I am listening to, in the signature today and the blog title fits today perfectly. I wish I had my camera on me, I would love to share the experience. Maybe today when I get Austin to school I will take my camera and pull to the side of the road and take a picture.

In December, Officer Ken Jordan was killed in the line of duty just blocks from my home while trying to apprehend a suspected drunk driver. The driver decided he did not want another DUI and shot and killed the officer in cold blood. For weeks the bridge he was shot was decorated with flowers, candles, cards, stuffed animals, and frequently visited by his fellow comrades. Every time I would pass that site, I would cry.

Well, I guess today was his birthday, because as I drove by this afternoon I saw a beautiful bouquet of roses, a bunch of balloons and a huge birthday card. I grew up around our men and women in blue; my father worked for the county and we frequently visited the court house and I remember often him introducing me to this officer or that officer and I also got to tour the local juvenile facility and getting to ride in police cars. We all grew up with a huge respect for the law and for police officers.


In an unrelated note, my house smells like a cat box. My cat started inappropriately urinating on the dog bed, the cat beds, etc. I though he was just expressing himself in a negative way, until I noticed he was visiting the cat box every few minutes and staying there for long stretches of time with limited results. This made me almost positive it was a urinary problem of some sort and I immediately called the vet and requested a drop-off appointment. They will call me when he's done and the kids and I will be busy cleaning today and tomorrow. I could not find my cat carrier, so he had to ride on my lap with a leash & collar and in the 10 minutes while he was in the car managed to pee on my leg. He had peed in the cat bed right before we left too.


General Matthew Cuteness:

Daddy was changing Matthew and he pulled a big old booger out of his nose, sticks the finger with the booger out at daddy and said "Here Dad, for you".


Matthew likes to make himself burp, especially after he gets a drink, today after finishing my water he makes himself burp and it's strained and really gross sounding and he said "Mmmmm, Juicy!" I am almost positive he was referring to the sound, not the taste as he had not had anything fruity to eat yet.

He is such a boy!!


Forgot to mention, Austin has his first school dance today ::Sniff, Sniff:: My baby is growing up!!

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Sep 13, 2007

Post 1 from TTC section

Cycle Dates: 8/15/07 - ???

This is my second cycle on 50 mg of clomid, I ovulated later than my NP wanted me to, on day 24, where ideal is day 14. She had me using Ovulation Prediction Kits to know when to schedule my very first IUI, (Intra-Uterine Insemination) which was a lot less painful than I thought it would be. If I don't get my period this month, I will be taking a home pregnancy test on 9/22/07. I know you are all finding it difficult to wait this long for some news, but it's hard for me too. The body plays many tricks on a woman and PMS feels surprisingly similar to pregnancy, it's difficult not to think that every upset stomach could be the result of lunch that did not agree with me, not morning sickness.

Moving this back out

[From the Trying to Conceive page: I did not expect to get pregnant on the first month I wrote this so I am moving it out to the main page.]

A little history, I am not new to infertility. I had Christopher in 1997 after being on birth control for a number of years, he was not an accident, but at the same time not planned. He was welcomed into our lives with much joy. When he was about 9 months old we decided we would have another baby, but I was lacking periods from 9 months on Depo Provera. In 1999 we sought out professional help at the military base who tried numerous methods to help my husband and myself. I was eventually referred to an RE (What is an RE?) who diagnosed me with PCOS, or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCO-whaaa?) We tried clomid without success, and eventually took a break, because the Army sent my husband overseas for two years. (Conspiracy to lower our medical bills? I say yes!!) I should also mention at the end of 1999 we were trying to conceive number 3, not number 2 because Austin had just joined our family permanently.

While he was gone, from 2002-2004 my GYN put me on birth control pills, a common "treatment" for PCOS. I say it that way because birth control pills do not treat the syndrome itself, but it does lesson the side effects. Needless to say we got quite a bit of razzing for him being thousands of miles away and me being on the pill, but whatever. In May 2004, three months after he returned home from Iraq, we decided we would stop using the pill and see what happens. In July 2004 we bought our first home and in the moving process we threw out all my old maternity clothes... I figure I was about 5 days past conception at that time, and a blood test probably would not have even showed my new little belly bean. Matthew was born in March of 2005, into the arms of my OB nurse.

As soon as my periods resumed from childbirth we decided we would try to have another... let me back up by saying as soon as I confirmed I was pregnant with Matthew I decided we would have more, but Bobby was not fully on board. Men are funny creatures, they don't see a positive pregnancy test with #3 and think, wow, time to start planning for a fourth. This month marks the second year I have been seriously trying to get pregnant, though we only recently sought out medical assistance because I am still breastfeeding Matthew and I refuse to make Matthew go without so I can give him a sibling. We are seeing a practical nurse in an OB/GYN office for our treatments, because face it, specialists are expensive and I won't take away from money for my other three children to fund a fourth. So now you are pretty much caught up, if you are familiar with basal body temperatures of natural family planning you can click here to visit my WebChart.

Quick update, new page

Notice over to the right there is a new page called "Trying to Conceive", I added this to keep everyone who wants to know about our TTC journey informed without having updates on my main page. The updates, when I add them, will be on the bottom of the page. I will probably only have updates once a week or less, unless something big happens.

Due to lack of posting, I am deleting the Trying to Conceive page and putting all the posts on the main page.

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Overheard at the grocery store.

The other day I was grocery shopping and I overheard a middle age woman comment to a young mother with a large family "you know what causes that, right?" I should have said something, I felt bad for the mom who seemed taken aback by the comment. I did not understand why the older woman felt like sticking her nose into the mother's business.

All 5 of the young children were healthy, clean, well mannered and the mom, though still being frugal about it, made her purchases with cash, not WIC or a state issued food assistance card. I don't think the mom had these children because she was too stupid for birth control, they seemed naturally spaced, the youngest child contently nursed from his mother's breast while being worn in the sling... Oh my, nursing in PUBLIC?? What would the older woman say if she noticed that??

This got me thinking to inappropriate comments I have received, specifically referring to my three sons. I can't tell you how many times I am asked if I plan on trying for a girl... when did boys become the consultation prize? Did G-d put a child into my womb and say "Sorry, you did not win the prize this time, but take what is behind door number two so you won't be sent home empty handed". My usual response is that if we decide to have another it will be to have another baby, not play Russian roulette and only want one specific gender. The most offensive was when I was pregnant, the cashier asked if I knew the gender of the baby (as she is scanning 100% blue clothes, blankets, etc) and when she heard it was another boy she looked at my other two sons and said "Are you guys sad you are having a brother? I mean sisters are so much better, wouldn't you rather have a sister?" Yeah, because *I* was the one who chose their genders, but come on! My oldest son was hoping for a brother, but my middle son was licking his wounds from being wrong on his guess and at the time was hoping for a sister. Anyways, I digress.

When did society think that the store was an appropriate place to lecture someone about reproduction? Obviously the young mom had read page one of a parenting book if she knew her kids needed to eat. I know people who are not that sophisticated. Also, it is not like this mom was at the drive through window with grubby kids screaming for a soda pop and fried chicken nuggets. If the store was the place to lecture parents on birth control, wouldn't you think Planned Parenthood would have rented a pagoda at the front of the store? Maybe the wife could look over to her husband and say "honey, can you go pick up paper towels, and while you are on isle 7 get that vasectomy we have been wanting?"

To the woman at the grocery store.. please save your breath, find another medium for your cause. Volunteer at the woman's shelter, help families in crisis, send an article into the newspaper about the importance of reducing your carbon footprint, or help raise money for a family who has an ailing family member and needs money to pay for cancer treatment. I don't believe you said what you did out of malice, but it was in bad taste and only served to annoy the mother and other patrons in the store. Cut the mother some slack, her 5 kids were so much better than a lot of families I see with only one child. If you want to see some bad kids, go shop at Walmart, you will be running for the pharmacy section and popping headache medicine faster than you can say "wear a condom".

To everyone else, think twice before you make "harmless" comments to mothers, our hearts are fragile from countless sleepless nights, an infinite number of kissed boo-boos and "I love you's". We have to deal with our children's tears of disappointment when they don't get what they want, lose their best friend, break up with their first crush, and get teased by the neighborhood bully.

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Sep 10, 2007

Mornings, blah!

Getting up early in the morning to get the kids up and out the door totally contradicts my belief that mornings are for sleeping. Well the newest issue is that when I am ready to get out the door, no one else is. Despite having 75-90 minutes in the morning to get up, get showered, get chores done, get your stuff and go I feel like I am nagging more than normal.

I am thinking maybe the kids need to be getting up earlier and that it is time for them to try their own alarm clock again. I also think maybe they need more visual reminders of when things need to get done....feeding the dogs at 7:15 when we need to leave at 7:20 and the dogs need to be outside when we leave for instance, just does not seem to be working well.

I have visions of my home looking similar to a home for someone with mild memory loss... notes on the inside of the door saying: Did you brush your teeth? and on the outside a reminder to lock the door on your way out. Oooh, I think it's time to break in the new label maker!!

On the toilet I will put a label that says Flush me! and on the bathroom door reminders to pick their underwear off the floor, wipe the puddle off the floor and hang up their towels. I can label their cereal container To be eaten by 7:10. Oh, and across my forehead I can put one that says Does not sign Friday folders on Monday morning! Ok, so maybe not that far, but I think some labels are in order.

Speaking of signs... I deal with a lot of solicitors and I just don't like answering the door when I have not had 10 minutes to myself to shower, am on the phone with the bank with a crying 2 yr old hanging on my leg, and oatmeal in my hair. Especially when it is to tell someone that I do NOT have time to read the paper, don't believe in paying $200 to get my carpets cleaned when they will look just as dirty in 2 days, and that there is no cleaner in the world designed to clean after 3 boys. So I put a big old sign on my screen door that reads:



• We DO NOT want what you have to sell, give, or offer (no matter how good of a deal you say it is).
• We DO NOT want a newspaper, magazines, or our carpet cleaned.
• We DO NOT want your fliers, ads, coupons, or literature on God.
• We will NOT buy your products; if we need a service, we will come to you (if it is not sold in any store, I don’t need it).

Leaving your ad, or trying to sell me your product, GUARENTEES we will NOT do business with your company, as we DO NOT deal with solicitors.

I don’t care how much you think I need it, how sad your story is, or if my neighbor loved it. You are wasting your time on this house, MOVE ON!!

Unless you are invited, or an officer of the law, a mail carrier, a friend, a neighbor, or family; DO NOT LEAVE YOUR FLIER, DO NOT RING OUR BELL, AND DO NOT BOTHER US!!!

There are GUARD DOGS in this house.

There is a PISSED OFF mother in this house who is tired of the doorbell or door waking the napping baby!!


Ok, Elmo is on the TV so I may have 5 minutes to sneak off and shower sometime before the noon nap! YAY!

Sep 9, 2007

Oh, you mean this month??

So, I have been casually mentioning to my husband that the lawn needs mowed. If you saw the pictures of my crappy yard, you would see that it is a 10 minute project that I just HATE doing and hubby said he would do since the end of August. I keep reminding him it needs to happen and it does not happen. I just about gave up and planned on doing it Monday afternoon when Bobby FINALLY went out tonight and did it, in literally 10 minutes! Of course this if after he told me Friday night he would do it; all day yesterday, and then last night he said he would do it early this morning.

Aug 29, 2007

What's mine is mine. What's yours is mine.

Ahhhh, life with a toddler, what a joyous experience that is! I think having a toddler is an experience must all go through to prevent us from judging animals who eat their young.

So it's smack time in the Mistakes household, and Matthew is happily munching on some Bunny Grahams, raisins, and a big glass of water like a big boy at the table. I decide since it's 10 am and I am hungry to grab a snack for myself too. I just don't understand how I could already be hungry, I did eat breakfast, but then I remembered that a grapefruit alone does not go very far when your two year old is sitting on your lap saying "BITE! MORE MOMMY!" before you can even get the food to your mouth.. anyways I digress.

So I grab myself a Pumpkin Spice Flax granola bar and the little stops eating his snack and says "MY manamana mommy!" which apparently means "granola bar" to a 2 yr old. So I give him half wondering WHY I am not 98 lbs by now living with the food gremlin. So the rest of snack time goes like normal; Matthew climbs on the table and starts dancing, in the process knocks over the water, spills the bunny grahams, hears the garbage truck and abandons the raisins. Starts yelling at the dog who is in the other room, but he feels is encroaching on his food and then ends up playing on the stairs. I remind him he needs to eat his snack and he glares angrily at me and then uses his highchair as a barricade while using his food as cars.

The one-half granola bar did little to satisfy my hunger, but it's not worth it to go find something else, if I hear "mine mommy" one more time my head is likely to explode.

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Aug 28, 2007

All about Hair


Matthew got his hair cut today, he was so good and did not complain one bit. He barely moved at all and did not even flinch when they brought the shaver out. By the way, in the picture he is eating yogurt; as you can see he is good at getting it into his mouth, keeping it in there is another story.

Bobby also got his hair cut, but I don't have a picture of that, he looks nice.

Austin & Christopher still have long hair, I told them we will keep measuring it until it is 13", they still want to send it to Locks of Love. They are measuring 10" and 8" respectively.

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Aug 27, 2007

Things Learned

1. I learned that I have WAY too many songs with hidden tracks, silence or just crazy long on my iTunes, easily remedied by clicking Get Info>Options>Skip when Shuffling, OR in a large batch edit Get Info>Skip When Shuffling>Yes. I know, my anal retentiveness qualities are showing, but I hate having to Fast Forward through songs when listening to my iPod.

2. Dogs are the most annoying creatures EVER, just ask the one who lays in front of me and won't let me move, or the one who is obsessively licking a bone and will not stop bringing it in the house no matter how many times I toss it out the door. The bone is supposed to keep her from chewing my deck, not enable her to annoy me in the house.

3. Friends are friends are friends. Be them online friends, or real life friends, it does not matter, they are there to pick you up when you are down and it works. After some encouraging emails and phone calls, I feel so much better about my day. I am not at 100% yet, but I think that won't come until a good night's sleep.

4. YouTube is EVIL! I watched this today and turned into a bawling puddle of tears... any of the videos they show about Soldiers or Iraq hit so close to home I just have a mini emotional breakdown. I have mentioned how much I LOVE what the Patriot Guard Riders are doing, but this tribute from an Aunt of a fallen soldier touched me even more than the news stories I have seen. I also love the Welcome Home Soldier program too. THANK YOU to our men and women serving our country, and THANK YOU to the men and women who serve those who serve or served! You are just as important as the soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen!

Enjoy your cry, I know I did.

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No, I did not trip and stub my toe, I just wanted to introduce you to a website called What an interesting name you may say? Well I am not sure how this name came to be, but if I had to guess I think it is some weird merging of names which is so popular today... can anyone say Benifer? Brangelina? Tomkat?

So here is my theory, some creative geniuses named Thor and Ofira were working together on an on demand news, video, blog, and website program, kind of like TiVo for the PC. They realized after years of work that they both shared a passion for tarsiers (google it) and ended up having a wild torrid affair which ended in much heartbreak and a stronger desire to make their lovechild, the leading website for personalized news and information retrieval.

So, playing around with Thoof, I decided to thoof myself (wow, sounds dirty eh?) to see how thoofable (watch for that word, soon to come to a dictionary near you) I am. Well, I guess I am famous! I saw an article about "Which came first, the stripper or the name" which mentioned that although my name is not that of a stripper, my name is that of a suburbanite soccer mom. It also went on to say that I may have been doomed to dance for dollars had my parents named me Candi or something similar. Interesting, too bad my parents were not able to thoof a name for me that would have landed me in a mansion somewhere, instead of driving a minivan with a gaggle of sons.

Don't forget to submit your own articles to thoof, if you do, you can add a ThoofRank Badge to put on your blog or website to proudly display how popular you have become on thoof!

When good days go bad..

Disclaimer: This entry is rated PG-13.

I had today's blog entry pre-written in my head, I was going to call it "Mommy's Little Helper: A love story" and gush about my love of Starbucks Venti White Chocolate Mocha, or my lifeblood, and how even after only 4 1/2 hours of sleep I can accomplish so much before 9am and how much I had gotten done already.... then at 8:50am my good day went bad.

So when I look back it was not the best day, but with all the pitfalls I was still able to get the kids off to school without choking them, the car jumped which involved calling the dealership to find out how to override the shift lock and moving a dead car onto the street, still got Austin to school on time at 7:30, got $150 worth of groceries, got a roast & veggies into the slow cooker AND got myself a dentist appointment for today for the tooth I chipped on Saturday... and then with one simple phone call to DH the day changed and my good day turned bad.

Now I am not going to say my husband ruined my day, but that is because he reads my blog... but I think you can read between the lines. I guess the main issue I am having is getting the kids up at 6am just does not seem like early enough for them to get showered, dressed, get their chores done, breakfast eaten, hair & teeth brushed and out the door by 7:20 & 7:30. I am really debating whether or not I need to start getting them up at 5:30 which means either I need to get up at that time also, which is nearly impossible when I don't get to sleep until after midnight, OR if I can trust them to get up on their own with an alarm clock, and get ready without waking up the whole house. Some mornings I want to duct tape the mouth of my 9 yr old shut because he fills the entire house with nonsense noise... throaty noises like "uh-uh-uh-uh" which serve the ONLY purpose of comforting him and annoying the shit out the other 4 members of the family.

So the car battery was dead this morning, either Austin or Bobby left a light on inside and the car would not start, nor go into neutral without being started. So I called the dealership who told me to look in my manual for how to override the steering lock, which was a delightful discovery that I hope we never have to use again. Backing the car into the driveway did not work, my cables were about 2" to short, so we gave some lady a heart attack as we pushed it down the driveway thinking that we were going to have the brute strength to push the car uphill into her car and she gave us a friendly little honk while waving at us with a single finger, I was thrilled with her strong level of perception that roads are only made for one car at a time and choosing to get pissed instead of you know, going around and driving on the correct side of the road instead of the middle.

Ok, so whatever... I got the kids' papers signed as I was trying to run out the door to get Austin to school in time after the whole fiasco. I hate it when teachers come into the house early Monday morning and sneak papers into backpacks instead of giving them to the kids on Friday, it makes Mondays so much more interesting I guess. By this time I am already losing my voice because the kids have been up over an hour and in that time have only managed to shower and dress. The animals are starved, they have not eaten, and the bathroom, the bedroom, and the kitchen looks like a hurricane swept through it. I swear, kids have the anti-midas touch and everything they touch turns to shit. Ok, maybe not that bad turns to dirty, wet, filthy garbage, that is nicer.

So I get Austin to school, I go to Safeway to get a much needed coffee & some milk and ended up with $150 worth of groceries and we will still not have anything to eat. When I got home I browned a roast, cut up potatoes and onion & tossed them all in a slow cooker with baby carrots, garlic, and seasonings and dinner is done. While unloading the rest of my groceries I put a call into the dentist and snag a same day appointment at 4pm to get a filling put in the molar I chipped this weekend when I bit on the barbell of my tongue piercing which keeps rubbing on my tongue and making it swell. I called DH and asked him if he could come home 30 minutes early because there is no way I can get Austin at 3:30, pick up Christopher from home, take them a sitter and be at the dentist's office at 3:45. Well that was a no-go so I had to call and reschedule at their next available appointment 3 weeks from now... I must be the world biggest baby because after 3 days of this I am ready to just pull the damn tooth myself... but after three weeks I will be wanting to shoot myself, I cannot handle tooth pain!

Ok, so I am frustrated with the dentist and my husband and my child who has already had his third trip into time out for yelling at me, getting into the fridge and for not listening, and the tears are starting to flow. I toss the toddler into the highchair with a yogurt, drink my coffee and try to clean up my mess from making dinner. The trash of course is overflowing because that is my middle son's chore (that is a rant for another blog entry... I got to clean underwear off my curb because apparently my MDS got lost in his 20 foot walk out to the trash can). I also busy myself with filling my in-sink soap dispenser with the dish soap I bought today because I ran out of the bulk soap 2 weeks ago and have just been using my little bottle. I guess in the two weeks it sat empty it broke because I can push the dispenser down, but it will not come back up... so I just wasted 1/4 a big bottle of Dawn into the empty abyss of brokenness. In the process of trying to fix it I overflow my sink with suds and I learn that we have no clean dishrags to clean up the huge mess with. I turn to grab a paper towel and knock the cutting board off my counter sending the 1/2 an onion I did not use flying through the air. I take another sip of coffee and clean up my mess.

Meanwhile the baby starts complaining that he is still hungry and asks for another yogurt. I offer a banana instead which he gladly accepted and I left the room to come in here and start writing. Next thing I know a yogurt covered baby had escaped from his highchair, abandon the uneaten banana and made his way to my couch leaving a trail of yogurt paw prints all over my kitchen table, cloth dining room chairs, walls, and my couch... as I jump up I knock over my cup and my coffee ends up on my carpet. I am SO ready to crawl back into bed and call it a day... the baby can pick up Austin from school at 3, I'll leave the car keys on my desk within reach.

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Aug 26, 2007


Today on the Science Channel I watched the coolest show called Eco-Tech, which is all about reducing our strain on the environment. This episode was about building homes that reduce your carbon footprint and save the planet. Since I tuned into the show a little late I have only been able to tour three different homes/concepts. The first was a wooden home with a house within a house that allowed the sun to heat the main wall and release the heat through the day to keep it hot in the winter, and in the summer it causes the heat to circulate through the attic and pull up the cool basement air. The homebuilder brags an 80% reduction in utility costs.

Even cooler were these biotectures called Earthships. These unique homes are made of earth and tires and bottles to make fully self sufficient homes that use about $100 a year in utility costs. These homes are completely independent and use no city utilities. It makes it's own power, recycles rainwater, takes care of sewage and heats/cools itself.

The next thing they showed was paint that could last for 1,000 years, resists graffiti, mold, and breaks down carbon monoxide emitted from cars. They also showed windows that could control how much sunlight would be allowed through them and green rooftops on skyscrapers (rooftop gardens) which would reduce wastewater put into the sewage system, as well as lower the temperature on the roof and make the air conditioner work more efficient, as well as reducing pollutants in the air.

In my own home, I feel like I could be doing so much more to reduce my carbon footprints, yes I use CFL bulbs in almost all my light fixtures. We recycle and we have replaced all our old appliances with new energy star appliances. We use a HE washer and dryer to reduce the water I use, and we use cloth diapers on the baby. I am in the process of switching to all natural cleaning products and laundry soap to reduce the amounts of pollutants I put in the sewer. I know I could do SO MUCH MORE. I have all the supplies to build a clothesline, yet I still don't have one because my backyard is so smelly from the lack of grass and overabundance of dog pee. I also don't have a garden because again the dogs make the back yard unpleasant. I also could not justify the cost of a new tankless water heater, so we did go for a more efficient one than the old one, however I think the only way we will ever have higher efficient home is to start fresh and build our own home where we can recycle rainwater for landscaping, incorporate solar panels into the design, have a tankless water heater, use CFL, all energy star appliances, and possibly geothermal heating, cooling.

I think with a little more planning we all could take baby steps to reduce our carbon footprint and all live a little greener with tiny little changes that make less of an impact on our day to day living, but a great impact on the amount of strain on the planet.

Aug 22, 2007

What is it about a blue shirt?

That makes my boy SO sleepy??

Here is a picture from July of him sleeping in his chair:

And another one from just a few days ago of him sleeping on the couch:
I have cuter angles of this picture over on my Flickr, but I think this one is so funny with the cat tail on his face and him not even moving.

So this gets me thinking, does Matthew only sleep in blue, or does he only own blue?? So I start digging through the archives of my pics and I am shocked to see that Matthew does in fact wear other colors, but he ONLY is pictured sleeping while in blue, or with blue socks if his outfit has more than one color.

Take a look (click to enlarge):

He's wearing blue right now, so why is he messing with the dog's food dish and not cute and sleepy??

AH-HAH! I found a picture of him sleeping and he's not in blue, he's naked except for his pants & diaper.... maybe they are blue too?

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