Oct 8, 2006

They make amazon.com BETTER!

I was trying to find a way to add my amazon.com wish list on a place I could see conveniently and I ran across this great website called RSS Stalker which creates RSS feeds for Amazon.com products! Since I could not get it to show up on blogger.com with the extras like pictures and price changes, I added it to my Google Reader and took this screenshot so you could appreciate how neat this little web page is.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting [Edited to fit]

My favorite part is, not only do you NOT have to join anything (except amazon.com to make your wish list) all I did is add my email I use for amazon.com and they do the rest! They don't even store my information. I am so glad I found this web page before Christmas shopping, I encourage you to also check it out!

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