Oct 7, 2006


Which means... Thank goodness it's (almost) nap time!

Sir Crabby Butt is now sitting at the kitchen table eating fruit and watching Elmo. I told him he has an early nap time, and that after Sesame Street he's going to bed. I would be counting the minutes if someone had not lost the blasted remote again.

I have so much to do as soon as he naps, it is not every weekend that I get a house (almost) to myself. So, what do I have planned? Gormet coffee and a romantic movie? A hot bubble bath? A nap? Nope... because a mother's work is never done....

While I am brewing coffee I will be starting a load of laundry, hooking up the DVR, cleaning up my room from my little helper, vacuuming and then shampooing the upstairs carpets. If I have time, maybe I will attempt a quick shower.

YAY!! Sesame Street is OVER! Time to get moving!

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