Oct 3, 2006

SumnerRain, P.I., or something like that.

Last night I pulled out the tripod and camcorder and had some fun... get your minds out of the gutter... See, I have two cats... Fur Baby 1 is a 6? year old calico female... Sweet as can be, but totally attached to me. Fur Baby 2 is a 2 1/2 yr old orange male... Just as sweet, but loves the whole family. Both were shelter rescues, FB1 from TX, FB2 from here in CO. Both are fixed, and have been since before 6 months of age. One, or both, has been peeing on my floor in the basement... primarily in my dirty laundry hamper.

This is where the fun begins.

In order to figure out which cat will receive an all inclusive visit to the vet to rule out anything medical, I needed to catch someone in the act. My suspicions were with FB2, after all, male cats are better known for spraying, being territorial, and having more issues with UTIs. DH agreed with me for different reasons. Lets just say DH, who is not a cat person, has his reasons to believe it was FB2, whom he has nicknamed "Stupid".

Well, the proof is clear, the guilty feline is FB1. 5 1/2 hours into the video, I watched her pee on a sock in my hamper. Both cats were curious, on several occasions I watched them sniffing the sock, but FB1 was the only one who acted.

Of course, this does not free FB2 of any culpability, it just means we need 2-3 more nights of surveillance to rule him out as a suspect.

In the meantime, FB1, aka 'Pissy, the prissy-cat' gets to visit the vet, and I get to get new laundry hampers and get to treat the area with an enzyme cleaner. I have already come up with a plan on secluding her to the 3rd bathroom if need be for behavior modification. I am also thinking of replacing the 2nd box I have now, with an uncovered box.

Anyone else have any ideas on how to deal with a cat who is urinating outside the box?

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