Oct 14, 2006


A week ago I joined PayPerPost to make money. I wanted to have a little something to play with and I figured at most I would have $20-50. A week later and I have over $100. It takes 30 days for the payment to hit your PayPal, so I have yet to actually receive payment, but it is coming. Like I mentioned in a previous post, it is completely up to you to post what you want, there are always a multitude of choices depending on the type of blog you have or the things you are interested in. Anyways, if you do sign up, can you do me a favor and use my email, SumnerRain@gmail.com, as your referral?

Here are the standard requirements (coppied from the PPP website).

  • You must be 18 to participate or have written consent by a legal guardian.

  • All posts must be in English on a blog written in the English language.

  • Your blog must also be at least 90 days old, verifiable by a third party index of the site.

  • The content of each post must be unique. You may not post the same thing on different blogs. You may not copy someone else's post (except when specified by the advertiser).

  • We reserve the right to deny any post and cancel any account at any time at our sole discretion.

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