Oct 16, 2006


I will admit it, I am a research junkie. Before accepting anything at face value, I will look it up on the internet to verify it. My husband will even tease me about it... he will tell me something and then say "you are going to look that up, aren't you?"

That is why I love websites like http://www.OurHealthNetwork.com. Not only can I look up information on some common problems. The other nice feature of this website is that people can submit their own questions to their board-certified physicians, for absolutly free! They also have a health library where you can access accurate, up-to-date information on a variety of health topics and recieve answers such as symptoms, causes, and self-help options and treatments writen in simple terms, not complicated articals that look like they came straight from the medical journals.

They also have a comprehensive medical supply store, a newsletter, videos, and an over-the-counter store. It is no wonder this website has been around since 1999, it is a great asset, especially to those who have limited or no access to medical care due to being unable to afford insurance. They have made the news quite a few times, as well as have some great testimonials.

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