Oct 12, 2006

No sleep for the weary.

Last night was NOT a nice sleeping night. We got home from Taekwondo at 8pm, so the boys did not get to sleep until nearly 9pm. I told the little angels to shower when I woke them up at 6am. I had a hard time falling asleep until nearly 1am. I got up at least a half dozen times in the night to go to the bathroom, the new blood pressure medicine is a diuretic. Between waking up to pee and a reacquiring nightmare I was having I was pretty restless. At 4am I head water running and saw light in the hallway. The older two had woken up two hours early and thought it was time to get ready for school; they were taking turns showering. I finally got them back to bed and within 5 minutes of laying back down the cat starts howling at the door thinking it is breakfast time. So I had to get up again and let him out. Within 10 minutes he realized that the kids were back in bed and breakfast was a lost cause and wanted back into his warm bed so the howling started up again. I finally fell back asleep and my alarm starts going off, so I get up and wake up the older two boys who have NO idea how to get ready for school quietly. I went back to sleep again and got about an hours sleep when I started dreaming that I was playing a die game with a group of people and could hear Matthew crying. In my dream I was getting up from my table to bring him back nurse him when Bobby brought him into me. I am so tired!

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