Oct 31, 2006


Today I found a really net website called www.newgie.com, which is a news website that hase up to date and current news from sources all over the net. This is not unusual in istelf, but what I DO like is that you can sort news in a number of different ways such as 'newsiness' or 'latest'. I really like this feature because I may miss the story everyone is talking about just because it came out hours before and they have moved onto a newer story.

The other feature I love about this website is the mouse over feature which shows you more of the story just by running your mouse over the headline. By running your mouse over the headline, it also gives you the option to rate, save, or discuss and share the headline. And of course it has a feed option so you can add it to your own website or blog, or even your frontpage or feed-viewer.

I really enjoy the look at the feel of the interface, it is simple and elegant without being overpowering with huge ads like a lot of other news sites. I also like how easy it was to join, it literally took seconds. You should check out Newgie.com, it is a really neat concept and great place to find news about any topic you can think of!

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