Oct 15, 2006

"Mom, we have rats!!"

This is what my 10 year old son tells me and he comes running in from the back yard. His expression is that of pure terror as he explains that our shed is full of rats! Moments earlier we had heard him and Christopher screaming like scared little school girls, I figured they were just being loud, but I guess not. So we grab the baby and go outside to find that by "rats", he means "tiny little harmless field mice" which have moved into the shed to get warm.

Chris was 50 feet away on the deck prancing like a scared housewife, all he needed was a chair and a broom. He told us that he did not want to get diseases, so he was not going to go anywhere near the shed. Austin apparently scared away all the mice as he was moving things around looking for them.

All is now well, I am sure in a few hours the mice will go back home, and in a few days my scaredy cats will get over the trauma of having been "attacked" by "rats".

Disclaimer: No "rats" or mice were harmed in the making of this blog entry.

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Mama2Boys said...

LMAO...hope they recovered adequately.