Oct 15, 2006

Just Say NO... to Catnip?

As much as I would like them to admit it, my cats have a catnip addiction, and they are in complete denial. They think they can quit at any time, but when it is available, they cannot resist eating this addictive herb. They also get possessive and aggressive over their stashes.

Tonight, Matthew got into the pet cupboard and opened a tub of catnip I had and within minutes the kitties were rolling on the kitchen floor, rubbing against Matthew, and Jacob was even laying on his back staring at the undersides of the dining chairs while playing in the rungs with his paws. After such a sweet display over a sprinkle, I figured they could handle a little bit more responsibly.

So Matthew and I called the kitties into the living room and I let him toss a handful on the carpet. Immediately it was a cat-cage-match as they got onto their hind legs and started boxing each other with their front paws. Already I saw trouble brewing, but because I wanted to avoid any casualties, against my better judgment a decided to make a second pile of catnip for Desiree.

After laying on his stash for 20 minutes, Jacob decided to fight Desiree for her pile, and once again there was peace. He finally got back up again and started chasing after invisible-nothingness, and then rubbed all over the dog, who did not appreciate being molested by the cat.

The cats are now blissfully stoned, lying on the couch, being lazy and seemingly satisfied. Tell you what though, after one night of cat craziness, I won’t be rushing to give them catnip anytime soon! F’in lushes!

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