Oct 11, 2006

Girls like poop?

Why do I get the impression that girls are more fascinated with bodily functions than boys? And here I thought it was boys who were more into poop until I watched THREE commercials in a row for urinating or defecating toys geared for girls.

The first toy was Barbie Doll with Tanner the Dog; Tanner is Barbie's dog that poops, and Barbie comes complete with pooper scooper. If dog poop does not tickle her fancy, she can get a cat that pees instead.

The next commercial was for Baby Alive the doll that says "Uh-oh, I made a stinky" and the lucky little girl gets to change the diapers.

Finally, I saw a commercial for Baby Born, doll complete with diapers and a potty chair.

So, if BOYS had a doll that shat itself, what would it be? Scared in Action G.I. Joe, with realistic crapping action in the face of danger? Come on people!

I am SO glad I have sons!

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