Oct 8, 2006

DVR sucked me in…

Well, I got most of what I set out to do yesterday... no time for shower or coffee, but I got the carpet clean, the laundry washed, the kitchen cleaned, and my room cleaned. I hooked up the DVR, but that was as far as it got. When Matthew woke up we watched TV in my room together... then I got sucked into my DS game, Big Brain Academy. Then Bobby and the boys got home, and we ate and I started feeling sick, so Matthew and I went upstairs to lay down, and Bobby hooked up his 360 to XBox live and I ended up staying in bed until I went to sleep.

It was overall a pretty mundane day. I did watch a new show on Showtime, they are having their freeview weekend and so I have been recording movies like crazy before they go away... there is this new show I watched, called Dexter, which is about a forensics scientist who is also a serial killer. It was pretty good, but not good enough to order Showtime.

Anyways, I am struggling over my feelings of something that happened today (well yesterday, but I learned this morning)... I probably won't be blogging on it for a while, if ever, out of respect for the persons involved... If you are on my email groups... I already let you know. If you are family, you also already know. Anyone else, feel free to email me and I will let you in on the big secret.

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