Oct 10, 2006

The dog whisperer

Bobby's co-worker loves the show the Dog Whisperer, and one of the things she passed onto him was the trick to simulate a dog bite, much like a pack dog would to the submissive pups. Today Chloe, our 3 1/2 year old Golden Retriever, was tossing around a bone and being overly exuberant and almost nailed the baby in the head with her toy, so Bobby grabbed her by the neck and without hurting her, pushed her to the floor and held her... as if to say "I am the leader of this pack, not you". It worked like a charm; Chloe got the hint and has been a very gentle obedient girl all evening.

Speaking of pets, the same co-worker has not been sleeping at night. Seems the neighbor's dog, a Golden Retriever, has been chewing up the inside of the house, and barking all night when it is put outside. Bobby mentioned we had a crate she could give to her neighbor. Knowing how difficult Golden Retriever pups can be (I have had two) I also threw in a bunch of articles on advice for chewing, crate training, and Golden Retrievers, as well as my phone number if she chooses to call for help. While browsing the web I found some neat websites, specifically this one about communicating with pets to meet their needs. Not only was I able to find helpful advice about my husband's co worker's neighbor's dog (say that 10 times fast!), but I was also able to find great articles on my own dogs unique (read annoying) qualities, as well as the kitty who thinks the world is her kitty box.

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