Oct 15, 2006

Diamonds with Consciousness

The other day I heard the term "blood diamond" for the first time and it got me thinking about what people go through just to bring us the diamonds and gold that we wear. It never really occurred to me, before today, that there were alternatives. Check out this website that sells a conflict-free diamond, they also use eco-friendly recycled gold whenever possible. These certified conflict free diamonds, from Brilliant Earth come from Canada, not Africa. They meet fair labor and environmentally responsible practices; they also donate 5% of their profits to the Diamonds for Africa Fund, which directly benefits local African communities directly harmed by the diamond industry. The other nice thing about diamonds from Brilliant Earth is that you do not have to compromise between quality and consciousness, because Brilliant Earth has wonderful custom designers and a wide array of beautiful diamond sizes, cuts, and qualities, as well as many different settings to choose from.

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