Oct 14, 2006


There is a lot of controversy behind PayPerPost, the blog advertising company I joined a little over a week ago, stating that advertising on blogs is deceitful. I do not believe that to be the case though, because I have strict rules I must follow to prevent my blog from becoming an ad only forum. I also adhere to a strict moral code, which is why I never joined AdSense; I do not like ads on my blog which *I* do not personally endorse. Before I blog about an opportunity, or website, I go there and check it out and see if it would be useful for me; and then if it would be useful to you. If the posts meet BOTH requirements, then I will blog about it. There are about 100-150 opportunity to chose from in a given day, so I am given a lot of freedom to chose. I don't understand how critics can find that deceiving, since it is the responsibility of the blogger to uphold the standard of their own blog. It will be very interesting to see if after a month I feel the same. :)

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