Sep 17, 2006

Zombie Killing and emergency plan

Part of the condition of letting Bobby get the Xbox 360 was to get us the game Dead Rising; if you have not heard of the game or seen the commercials it is a game where Zombies run amuck in a small town in Colorado and it is your job to photograph and then slaughter them. It's a strange morph between Sean of the Dead and Dawn of the Dead with its own unique spin. Well... last night Bobby and I were laying in bed talking and we heard a helicopter doing the normal patrol and both of us immediately thought of Dead Rising, where the opening scene takes place with the main character riding in a helicopter. So, we start talking...

ME: "In a Zombie attack, would we hide in the basement where we have the emergency water and the camping supplies"?

Bobby: "Nahhh, too easy for them to break into.. the attic".

H: "But the attic is too hot".

B: "Then we just barricade the doors and windows, we have plenty of usable wood if we break the boys' bunk bed".

H: "True, most of our windows are up high too".

B: "Yup, we would be fine".

H: "I feel better now".

B: "Me too".

Yes, we need lives. We really only play the game once a week, but the game sticks with you.

Ok, back to work. Sunday is no day of rest in this house, it's the day I do my deep cleaning.. window washing, plant watering, carpet shampooing, furniture polishing, etc. Between my Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, Charlie's All Purpose cleaner, Windex, and Old English, we get this place sparkling!

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Duane said...

I have been really entertaining picking up a 360 just for that game!

The problem isn't necessarily protecting yourself from the initial invasion, it’s when you run out of food and/or water is when things will become interesting.

I have been totally thinking about picking up one of those 4 month dehydrated food supply packages just for that reason. Well Zombies or Space Aliens, I mean its not like we have other natural or physical dangers to worry about.