Sep 22, 2006

Thank Goodness it's Friday!

Between all the stress of the adoption, the van, the new family, and all the medical stuff, I was feeling pretty smothered under the weight of all the crap I was dealing with. I decided a positive change was needed.

With the advice of some friends, I fell asleep with positive visualisation of BM being served and the hearing going off without a hitch. Even though we are down to the wire, we still have options. We can run an ad in the newspaper, or get her to sign a waiver. I have faith it will work out.

The van is at the dealership, they are seeing again if they can find the leaks. The warranty representative may not be able to come out until Monday, so I won't get a rental until then, but I don't have a problem with that since Bobby doesn't work on the weekends.

I am positive things will work out with us all medically. We have access to the best doctors and best treatments and everything will get taken care of.

The new family is a blessing, it was stressful at first worrying about Bobby's brother being back in our lives, and I still hope some day he will be; however in the meantime I am so much happier to get the opportunity to get to know his children and their mother.

I am so thankful for all the people I have in my life... all the opportunities and experiences.

I feel so much in unburdening all the "weight" off, and in doing so I have literally lost 6 lbs, and hope that this is a small sign of things to come. Today I started making a choice to cook and eat healthier as a family. I guess with the right outlook, anything can be positive.

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