Sep 30, 2006

"Talkin' about the dog wash, girl"

Austin and I went to Wag N Wash, it's like a self service car wash, without quarters, for your dog. I have to say I really enjoyed being able to wash my dog and let someone else worry about the mess, and without killing my back bending over the bathtub. Chloe looks so pretty and smells nice, Austin and I decided we will have to take her more often, maybe every other month, or more. The whole purpose of going to WnW, was to get a Furminator like Gina mentioned in her blog.

I am now a complete Furminator convert, I LOVE that thing! I furminated the dog and the cats today, and then had to re-vacuum the family room after doing so. I cannot imagine how much more I would have gotten outof her had I not had a tweaker as a dog. As soon as she as much as sees a brush, she gets so excited she won't sit still.

Today has been such a pretty day, the leaves are all yellow and red, but it is still nice and warm during the day. The bikers are all out enjoying the last few nice riding days, we saw a dozen or so in the 15 minutes it took to get to WnW.

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