Sep 16, 2006

Sorry, no time for a snappy title, I am racing the battery!

Let's see if I can manage to whip out a quick post before my laptop battery dies in 5 minutes and I lose it all. I am currently writing this from the computer room in the basement where I spent the evening keeping Bobby company while he did his homework. He flies out tomorrow so we have made today a family day. We had BBQ steak and baked potatoes for dinner and then watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith together. We finally made it to the store to do some much needed grocery shopping where I got the famous "three boys huh?" comments.

Oh, I forgot to mention, last night we ate dinner at Musashi's, a Japanese Steakhouse we LOVE where they cook your meal at the table. We sat at the grill with a young military couple, he was an MP who just got home from Korea and was leaving for Iraq in the morning (sound familiar?), and she was a military wife, who HATES military wives (wow, just like I was). They were the nicest couple and we had a lot in common. They just ADORED Christopher, our human encyclopedia, and they kept encouraging him with all sorts of Trivia. I love meeting new people at Musashi's, I swear they know just where to seat the people.

Ok, the laptop is just about to hibernate, please excuse any typos.

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