Sep 18, 2006

Roller FREAKING Coaster

*Warning* I may not censor this post too well.

I am tired, I am bitchy, and I have had the most draining day today. Last night I was up until 4am, between the baby waking at night, Bobby not being home, and dealing with the emotions of the drama going on in the in-law front... I am just a wreck. I worry that the only good that will come with finding him will be getting to know his kids, as I just cannot see him wanting to come back into our lives.

Today Christopher had his appointment with the specialist. He's been showing sensory issues for a long time and Tricare is such a joke we were going no where fast trying to get them to see a problem. Now that we have decent insurance I started making calls to get him seen.

Well, no diagnosis yet, but the pediatrician and the neurologist agree there are some things going on in the Asperger's spectrum. If you don't know what asperger's is, it is high functioning autism. I am so scared this is what is wrong, it will not be the first time that word has been said around him. My sister and my friend have both told me they think he has it, the latter being a mom of an asperger child.

So I talked to my mother in law, who warned me of the genetic link in the males in my husband's family. My mother in law is in mourning of her husband of a week, but her live in boyfriend of 11 years. Bob was a great man, and I considered him my father in law and the grandfather of my children. We talked to a couple hours tonight when I called to offer my condolences.

It has been 4 hours since I started trying to write this entry, I think in those four hours I have gone through all the stages of grief and I am prepared for anything the pediatric neuropsychologist could tell me.

Beside my mother in law, I talked to someone today who I have not spoken to in 9 years. Everything I learned was great news and for privacy sake I am not going into what is going on, but it's mostly all positive news

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Jennifer.Yeats said...

Heather&Bobby please know I will keep yall in my thoughts and prayers in these hard times.Wish i was closer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!