Sep 3, 2006

Relaxing weekend

Ok, so I have not posted because Bobby finally made it home, by the time he picked up his bags and we got home (we only live about 10 minutes from the airport) it was after 10pm. So much for the 7:30 flight?! Bobby is thinking next time he needs to go to Texas he may just drive. I am not sure in my mind I can see the benefit of driving 850 miles for business travel, but then again, I also cannot imagine the stress of having problems 100% of the time I fly to Dallas either! What can I say, Dallas-Fort Worth hates Bobby, either that or DFW LOVES Bobby so much it doesn't want to let him go.

I think what I missed the most was just laying in bed in the morning holding my best friend of 10 years, or fixing dinner with him. It feels like we have not gotten anything done, but in reality we have. We have made lifechanging decisions that effect our entire family, as well as made a plan financially to secure a future. We worked together to finish his last class for the semester, and spent time bonding again as a family before life in the fast lane continues on Tuesday.

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