Sep 6, 2006

Productive day

After the long weekend, I was so happy to have the older kids at school, and the big kid at work... But by 9am he was calling to invite me to lunch... LOL

Before I could do that I needed to prepare for errands and do my morning 'chores'. So, last time Matthew was on base, Bobby was working the gates, so as soon as they finished inspecting my van and shut the door he started SCREAMING, sobbing and crying for daddy. We were halfway to his office until he was calmed down and actually IN his office looking at daddy before he believed me! I was shocked to see how aware Matthew was, I mean it was at least 3 months ago when we saw Bobby on the gates.

So, Bobby and I had a GREAT lunch at the Macaroni Grill, it was incredible! On the way back to his office, we ran into an old friend who reminded me of a baby shower for his wife we are supposed to go to THIS WEEKEND! Oh man, I am in panic mode! I have no clue what to get her, I guess they pretty much have everything they need for the baby, and I want to get something more personal than diapers. PLEASE, if anyone has some good ideas, comment to this blog or email me!!

When the mail came, there was a letter from Child Support Enforcement saying they could not locate BM. I almost sent proof (from her letter to us, to the paperwork from our attorney) when I realized they had her maiden name still, I had a giggle and then called the new worker. The old worker would not allow me to change her last name without her writing a letter of the change (which never happened). I even offered to send a copy of the newspaper announcement of their purchase of the marriage license. The new worker took my word. LOL This new worker is great, very nice.

After dinner we had Tae-kwon-do. The boys brought a friend and their mom (though I doubt they will join) so they got their patches. We will get them sewn this weekend, along with haircuts, maybe even for Little Bit...

Anyways, its now almost 2am and I am not even close to tired, but I have to be up in 4 hours so I might as well start the tossing and turning now...

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