Sep 10, 2006

I survived the baby shower!

I ended up getting the mom a nice cinnamon candle and got a couple darling dresses for baby Anna Beth. I figured this was the only time I will get to shop for a little girl, at least until the next shower, so I better enjoy it! I had a ton of fun, turns out the sister of the mom to be is a budding AP mama like me and LOVED Matthew's cloth diapers, appreciated that I am still breastfeeding, and LOVED Matthew's ring sling. I wish she did not live all the way in Pueblo, she would totally fit in with my local mama group. So, it was a family shower... all the children above age 8 were boys, so my two had a BLAST playing with the other two boys. The men all sat around playing XBox and watching movies, and generally bitching about the women... while the women cared for the mom to be, talked, joked around and bitched about the men just a little bit.

After the party died down to 13 men, women and children, somehow I got talked into getting Bobby an X-Box 360, so we piled up in three cars in a convoy to Best Buy. :D We also found the oven we want for the kitchen, so we will be saving our pennies for the next couple months and getting me a ceramic top cook stove like the one HERE. 10 years ago, I would have been excited about a new car, or a new outfit... now? Behind my family, my prize possessions are my house, my Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer, my Dyson Animal Vacuum, my new dishwasher and hopefully SOON a new oven. The next item in my home to be upgraded will be our water heater, we plan on going tankless at tax time, we also plan to get a new fence then too. Our 5 year plan includes hardwood and tile flooring on three of our floors (leaving only the top floor carpeted), updating all light fixtures, landscaping, and finishing all the painting. It feels good to say I have a five year plan, when we were in the Army our five year plan included anything that was not permanent.

I guess I better go try to sleep. I am coming down with something and running a low grade fever. I am tired, but as soon as I lay down, I am wide awake.


JennYeats said...

Hey that looks just like my stove.I love mine.So much easier to clean.Oh yeah and where can I get one of those slings and those diaper covers etc?

Heather said...

Links in my next entry for you!