Sep 20, 2006

I hate my van

Yesterday I took my van in to get it checked out on various things... check engine light, door lock not engaging, oil leaks like crazy, etc.

So I call them back yesterday and I guess it leaking in MANY places and they estimate it will cost $2500 to repair it. I have a warranty, so the warranty people wanted to send out an inspector to approve or deny the repairs. Well he gets in there and cannot see a thing because its dirty from oil leaks (duh!) so they send it to detail and clean it up and will add a black light agent to the oil and run it and see where its leaking and then have the inspector come out again. So I am without a vehicle for two days now.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with Christopher's school for his IEP (Individualized Education Plan) for his speech therapy and I NEED my car! They told me they would cover a rental for me until the van is fixed once the repairs are approved so until then I am stranded here. If I have to I will walk to the school tomorrow, but it is such a pain in the ass.

I have to head to the dealership tonight to get my mail key off the ring, I am hoping they will know more by 5pm when I go up there. They have returned my van to me to drive for a few days for the oil to leak out w/ the additive so they can see where it is leaking from. Bobby offered to trade cars for a few days so I can actually get some miles on it, since I put so few miles on the van.

The side of my face is swollen behind my jaw, I think I am coming down with something, I feel tired and achy.

Today has been a crappy day, my next post will explain what else I am irritated about.

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