Sep 12, 2006

For Jenn

I was having problems posting links in the comments section of my last entry, so I figured I would make a link page for you of all the nifty little 'granola' products I use and love.

Links open in a new window for convenience.

Mayawrap Ring Sling I don't even bother with a stroller anymore. I got mine from E Bay though at a fraction of the price, however as you can imagine there is SO much more selection from as far as patterns.

Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Diapers Also check out the tutorials and information on that website. That is where I buy my cloth diaper packages, I really like that store. The main website for the manufacturer is HERE.

Charlie's Soap This stuff is great, I use the detergent for my diapers only for now, but once the rest of my current brand is gone I will switch to Charlie's for all of our clothes. I also hear there detergent is VERY hypo-allergenic since it rinses clean. I also use the all purpose cleaner around the house since it's biodegradable and safe around kids and pets. Charlie's is also safe on flame retardant sleepwear. Check out the "Research" tab on the above website to see the research to beck up the above claims.

Signing Time These DVDs are GREAT! We also noticed our local PBS station is starting to carry signing time, we have our DVR record it since it's an odd time. I got my first three DVDs on Ebay.

Babies Beyond Borders I love this Ebay store for soft sole leather baby shoes, but you really could just do a search for "soft sole baby shoes". HERE is a link to 10 reasons why to use soft sole baby shoes instead of the shoes you will find in the shoe store.

Now if I could just find a product that keeps the baby out of the dog water and then keeps him from crying upon hearing the word 'no'. I would also love to keep my husband from getting his feelings hurt because he ONLY calls when I am busy and then thinks I am bitchy because my answers are short, especially when he's saying things that only require yes or no answers...(and then thinks he is putting me in a better mood by calling and texting me over and over)MEN!


JennYeats said...

Thanks so much Heather. Everyone tells me i am crazy for trying this out but I am curious and want to try different approaches. I am sure I will have many more questions for you.

Heather said...

Nothing wrong or strange with wanted to get back to basics... all this crazy new stuff for our kids is for the birds, our moms did just fine without needing to have the fancy equipment. Matthew never used his excersaucer, he prefered mommy's arms. You could always get your diapers on Ebay too, just to try them at a fraction of the cost to see if its for you! ;)