Sep 15, 2006

Dealership, Lawyer, and mall, OH MY!

Talk about a productive day! We took the Honda in for it's 30,000 mile service and 6 month oil change, then headed to the Attorney's office to see what the hubbub was all about.

No court date yet. BM needs to sign more paperwork which is due on the 25th. Having a due date makes me think we will not be losing our spot on the waiting list status. We had to resign the final packet which just needed a couple changes. So please keep us in your thoughts over the next 10 days that all goes well and BM signs the new papers.

We then went to the mall so I could exchange some clothes I bought online. I found a beautiful suit for court and a really pretty sweater to wear with my skirts. They are so pretty, and I can't wait to wear them since the first time I will wear it, will be to adopt my sweet little boy! I am so glad we got all this stuff out of the way so next week isn't as busy.

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