Aug 21, 2006

With good news comes bad

Went to the attorney today and submitted the background check... they already filed without it, thinking they had all the papers, oops! The paralegal called the courts to see what the status was and left a message, so hopefully we will know some more in the next few days.


I got a call from the school today, the counselor called the mom of the boy who was bullying Austin. The counselor had the date wrong, so the mom was super defensive saying we were lying and such because he was with her all day. The mom said that her son was too small to do anything like that. The average weight of a normal 10 yr old boy is between 60-70 lbs, Austin is the smallest boy in his grade and below the 5th percentile for weight and height (50 lbs) so that is not a far stretch by any means. The counselor is going to call back with the correct dates and the police report and hopefully after talking to the witnesses to see what the mom says THIS time about her precious baby being unable to be a bully .

PARENTS: PLEASE GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND! Any child can be a bully!! Instead of refusing to think that little Johnny or Sally is capable because they are a perfect angel who can do no wrong; listen to the facts and DEAL with it!! Please talk to your kids, do not put anything past them, and deal with the problem instead of thinking your child is too good to be bad! Austin is a GOOD boy, very good, but he has had problems in the past and we worked through it because no child is immune to having behavior problems. Ok, stepping off my soap box now.


When I was driving to the attorney's office today I saw a man on a Honda who was trying to look cooler than what he was. He was wearing a helmet and a windbreaker that matched his motorcycle and BRIGHT white shoes (my dad calls them Honda riding boots). I giggled a bit because he was trying to look like a mean biker... Later, I saw him again in the parking lot of Safeway and it reminded me of a comment that Christopher made when he was 6.
Austin and Christopher and I were at the mall where we saw a motorcycle being given away as a prize in a drawing. Chris went up to the gas tank and read the logo, "Hon-da" he read out loud, then said to me "mom, does that Honda want to be a REAL Harley Davidson when it grows up?"
So, today at Safeway I giggle to myself and tell Matthew that when that Honda grows up, it wants to be a REAL Harley and I go on my way shopping. After shopping I was unloading my groceries and looked over and in the spot where the Honda was, and in the same spot was a Harley Davidson motorcycle! I about peed myself laughing, I guess it really DID want to grow up to be a Harley!


We have some new baby tricks. He climbed INTO the playpen today, the pictures below were after the fact. The playpen, which was resting against the recliner had some toys in it he wanted, so he climbed onto the recliner and then lowered himself into the playpen and then threw out all the toys. Somehow it became my job to save him from the situation he got himself into. *UPDATE* I shot and added pictures of him climbing in, shown below.

Monday, August 21, 2006
Proof My Child is a Monkey, Part One and Two.

He also learned a new word. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-tiiiiiiiiiiiiii" which is Matthewism for "Austin". He was standing at the bottom of the stairs calling for Austin to come down. Maybe we yell for the boys too much... oops! He still is not saying more than a half dozen words or coppying what we say, so I will be bringing that up at his 18 month checkup. Christopher was slow to talk too and I just got papers from the school to continue speech therapy. Both were/are tongue tied, but I am not sure how much of a role that plays in it.

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