Aug 23, 2006

The two year curse

Oh man, where to start. I had a play date this morning at the park with Matthew, it was beautiful, but HOT (95 degrees after a week of 70's). Matthew kept climbing up on the playground equipment, and then getting stuck (and then mad at me for rescuing him). While I was there Bobby kept calling because he was bored, so I just shut the ringer off. Bad idea.
As I was leaving I was checking my voicemail and 30 minutes before the school had called to tell me Austin fell on the playground at 10:30 and scraped up his face and was complaining of a headache and wanted to go home. So I drove to school to see what happened since I only got voicemail, while I was waiting on him I talked to the school counselor about the bully situation. She said she and the police officer I called on the 6th to report the assult were playing phone tag, but she IS taking care of it. Austin came in and seemed to be in a decent amount of pain so I decided to take him home, though I initially planned to give him Tylenol and tell him I will see him at 3pm.

On the drive home I asked him what happened and he said he did not remember...? Red flag. I told him to tell me what he did remember and he said he was going across the monkey bars (the correct way, not on top) and then he remembers his teacher trying to wake him. HUGE red flag. I was on the phone with Bobby who had me look at his pupils to make sure they looked ok, he told me to call the ped even though he looked OK. So I call his ped and the nurse tells me to take him to the ER. I drove to a neighbor's house to ask if she can watch Christopher after school and we go to the ER. This is going on during Matthew's nap time, so he was less than pleasant the whole time. We also have new insurance, which means a new hospital and I had no clue where anything was.

Austin gets a cat scan within an hour of getting there and around 3:30 they call him back (we got there around 12:30). They do a vision test, which is fine, but after the accident he told them he could not focus his eyes (I guess I ask the wrong questions). They said he had a mild concussion and some kind of amnesia that relates to a short time before/after the accident. I almost wonder if he passed out while on the monkey bars which caused the fall & concusion.
We got home around 4:30 and I walk into a HOT house.. We had no electricity! So now I am freaking out, I paid the electric bill yesterday but it was late (one past due and one current) so my first thought is we got shut off. So now I am checking the breaker and about to call the utility company when my cell phone battery dies! Christopher finally informs me that the school lost power this afternoon... uhg. So power FINALLY comes on at 7:30. I had forgotten I could use my corded phone in my room so we ordered pizza and called the utility company to see what was up.

I plugged in Bobby's computer I got back from best buy yesterday after it took THREE months for them to get it back to us, and the damn thing doesn't work! It beeps multiple times and does not load... so apparently to replace a keyboard for a laptop it needs formatted and they could not even re-load it like it came. TOTAL BS so I get to take it back tomorrow.

I am so tired, I want to go to bed NOW, but Matthew who napped from 4:30-7:30 is no where close to tired.

Tomorrow WILL be a better day, it HAS to be.

PS. Have I mentioned Austin had serious injuries in August '02, and '04 also?? What is it with this kid and every other August??

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