Aug 31, 2006

Sign, Sign, everywhere a sign

So, we have been signing with Matthew for a few months (read: over 6 LONG months), and he is just now really getting it. At the store yesterday we were in the snack isle and he started getting excited and signing "hungry" so I asked him what he was hungry for and he starts signing "cheese" then "cracker". So we walk towards the goldfish area and he spots the Cheese-Its and starts going nuts, signing "more, more more" like a madman. So, into the cart it went. So I got to thinking this morning on the signs he knows, and he has added SO many, just this month alone.
This is him signing "milk" around 10 months. That was about all he knew. At a year old he picked up "dog" and in July started signing "more". In just August alone he has learned "banana", "cracker", "water", "hungry", "thirsty", "ceral", "cheese", "eat", and "cookie". Good thing too, because he can only speak the words "mommy", "daddy", "Austin", and "kitty".


Nicki said...

That is so cool! Do you use ASL or a book or make up the signs or what? How do you choose what to teach him? We sort of tried signing with Noah but he was an early talker and we weren't motivated. I really want to sign with Addison though.

Heather said...

We use actual ASL, I have a book and videos that Matthew (and the older boys) love called Signing Time. This is the book Here

And these are the DVDs.