Aug 27, 2006


I am so thankful for mistakes. What is first and ooops, can turn out to be in your best interest.

Today I was freaking out about HOW I was going to come up with the tuituion for my Psych 235 class that I thought started TOMORROW without dipping into credit. With the adoption and Bobby using the other card on his business trip, I was not comfortable putting more onto those cards. I was scrambling thinking HOW I could pay for the class... I was about to withdraw from the class and start it in winter term, but I knew January would not be any easier since it's right after the holiday... well, imagine my surprise today when I found I accidently enrolled in an accelerated class! I don't start until October 2nd, and finish Dec 11, instead of Aug 28-Dec 11. It will be more work in less time, but I won't get bored as easily, I HATE 4 month classes!!

Thank goodness for Oops'! I don't have to drop my class now!

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