Aug 31, 2006

Meet n’ Greet

We had open house at the school tonight, I got to meet my Austin and Christopher's teachers, they seem so nice. I REALLY love Christopher's teacher's no-nonsense policy. As she said, "I have been teaching for what seems like over a hundred years and this new style praise-the-kid-for-breathing style just does NOT work... I am old school, and I teach old school. You do good, I tell you; you do bad, I tell you, punish you, call your parents, and won't take it again". And she does too! I got a call on Tuesday saying "Christopher messed up, lets work together to fix this". I love it when teachers call home. If my kid is being a turd, or a pain in the ass, let me know!

I remember in 1st grade, Austin was dealing with some heavy sh*t because of the head trips from his bio-mom and he snapped one week. He flipped off one kid, he pushed another into a bathroom, and hit a third child, all in the span of a week. He was not paying attention in class and mouthing off, and when did I get a call?? After the 5th incident, TWO WEEKS after the first problem. WTH?!? How do you expect me to fix the problem if I don't know it exists?

Austin's teacher... all I have to say is I hope he does not read my blog; he is one good looking man. Most importantly he has a great personality and really gets along great with the kids. Austin really enjoys being in his class and he is learning well. Did I mention Austin is in an all boys class?? It is so neat, the kids' test scores are higher, the classes are better behaved, and the kids excel in non-traditional subjects, i.e. the girls are getting better math scores and the boys are getting better english scores.

In other news, shipped my Zero 7 cd's today, good thing too because the half dozen songs I have downloaded have left me salivating and hungry for more.

Also, did I mention BOBBY IS COMING HOME TOMORROW?!?!!! Someone, please tell me how I managed to survive him being gone 6+ months a year when he was in the Army? My house is clean, all my errands are run, my bills are paid, and I don't think I have the patience to watch my two Netflix movies I have sitting here. How will I keep myself busy until 7pm?? I will have to invent messes to clean. I plan on washing diapers, and vacuuming tomorrow, but that won't take long. One of my movies has Johnny Depp in it, JOHNNY DEPP people, and I can't even get interested in it because I am so excited to see my man.

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