Aug 1, 2006

Great News!

So, Austin's bio-mom signed the consent for adoption. Once I get my FBI background check back (in 4-6 more weeks) my attorney can file the papers and get my court date! HOPEFULLY by Christmas I will get what I always wanted from Santa, and that is my oldest boy to be my own legal child as long as everything goes smoothly.

I also spoke with Child Support Enforcement today about BM, the new worker said she will do everything in her power to get BM's case in her last state closed out so she won't be harassed anymore and threatened for not paying. My home state CSE worker also said that once the adoption is final they can set up a small payment plan with BM so she's not struggling to pay back her arrears.

So, good news. Hopefully this new plan is one that works best for all parties involved.

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